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“The unsung hero”, “awful”- Many Blues fans spilt over this man’s display against West Brom

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Talk about a divided fan base.

The Blues got their restart underway yesterday, playing out a rather boring 0-0 draw away at West Bromwich Albion.

But it was the performance of Wes Harding that got a lot of people talking.

Making just his 13th appearance of the season, if you take a look at his numbers from the game today, it wasn’t necessarily a bad display, nor was it a particularly stellar one. Winning one tackle, two aerial duels, completing 68% of his passes and garnering an overall rating of 6.7. Like I said, not bad, not great, very much middle of the road.

Were you happy with the result?





So when his name was put forward as a potential recipient of Birmingham City’s man of the match from the game, there were a couple of fans who seemed rather surprised to see his name there, whilst a few others took it upon themselves to defend it.

What about you? What did you make of Harding’s performance today?

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  • Chris says:

    Not for me I think Wes is and always will be a liability, his passing and positioning let’s him down big time. I know he was playing out of position but he’s just the same when he plays on the right and even worse in central defence. If we’re going to move forward as a team and as a club then players like Wes need to be moved on also.

    • John flavel says:

      What the F you been watching. Different game or are you blind. Did you not see how he stopped ball into the box. Unfair assessment from a lot of fans that don’t understand the game.

      • Chris says:

        John Flavel, who the fck are you?, I’m entitled to my opinion as you are to yours, I thought he was poor like he always is, if he hadn’t had protection from the midfield we would have lost yesterday, he’s never gonna challenge anyone for a regular 1st team place as has been shown in the past . He’s league 1 quality at best.

  • Peter Frazier says:

    I must have been watching a different game, Wes Harding out of position played well. Give him some credit !

    • marky says:

      you wasn’t watching a different game he did play well and he played out of position in every game he as played we might as well not have an academy if some of the fans don’t give them time to learn plus west brom fans said he played well

  • WayCoolBlue says:

    Wes played a good game not outstanding but he was out of position and thrown in at the last minute. He had a shitty job to do he was there to block crosses and recycle the ball back into midfield he did that well. Narrowing the angle making it hard for West Brom to play balls in all game.

    He deserved more than a 6.7 rating a 7 would be fear.

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