Date: 26th July 2018 at 4:30pm
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It looks like this Kristian Pedersen business could rumble on and on. Daniel Ivery is now questioning whether the Danish defender has been registered with the EFL.

A source is believed to have told the blogger that Xuandong Ren had contacted his bosses in Hong Kong to confirm the left back’s registration.

However, in his most recent blog post, Ivery said:

“I have to admit, I’m no longer certain that Pedersen has been registered.”

The doubts multiply if you consider Garry Monk’s reluctance to talk about Pedersen’s situation. All he would say is the club is working hard on getting the situation resolved:

“At this moment in time, the club are working very well with the EFL trying to make sure that solution gets done. I’ve been assured that’s going to happen so, like everyone else, I’m just waiting.”

Of course, the manager may not be allowed to talk a lot about the transfer embargo as there are ongoing discussions between the club and the EFL.

However, if Pedersen had indeed been registered then surely that is something that could have been confirmed. The lack of communication about these sort of issues is a major concern, leaving fans having to work out what is going on for themselves.

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17 Replies to “The Situation Surrounding Birmingham Signing’s Registration Takes Another Twist”

  • Yet again the supporters are left in the dark. These are supporters who turn up in there thousands and yet we are constantly infuriated by the lack of information. We are just with scraps of info that is created in the newspaper. Can the owners please just for once come forward and let us know where we stand cause we the supporters deserve better.

  • Does not surprise me the supporters are treated like this if supporters had known the embargo was in place the owners knew season ticket sales would not be so high feel sorry for gary monk hes probably been led up the garden path like the fans

  • The situation regarding Kristian Pedersen is rediculous he’s either signed or not Ren sort it out now and get Gary the players he wants or we will leave and if he does then I for one will want my season ticket money back.

  • just imagine how much crap we would have been in if harry had signed john terry Ashley cole Robbie keane and stuart downing like he wanted to …kro

  • Shame we never get told anything good about our club. Where always left in the dark. Having sat though all of the rubbish football last season. Till Gary came and saved us. My question now will Gary stay or will he walk. I know if I was manager what I would do. We need the owners to stand up and be straight with us. With villa getting out of jail again are we going to be the whipping boys of the championship again.

  • Moan moan is that all we do on here seriously people saying I’m gonna throw my season ticket because we haven’t signed anybody get a Life honestly is it the end of the world ? Monk won’t walk why would he ? Nothink is expected of us we’ve got some fab youngster’s coming through he’s young a developing manager himself

  • Surely actions speak louder than words,it’s quite worrying for the coming season.
    How can these new regulations be fair if by thier actions regulates BCFC.

  • The Pederson saga hasn’t taken a new twist the information you printed may or may not be true. Nobody knows the true situation and people like Dan Ivery and James Nursery are purely speculating. Unless we get a statement from the club we are all in the dark. If Pederson doesn’t play against Norwich then everyone will know the situation. It sounds like Ren has given Garry assurances that the transfer embargo will be lifted quite quickly. Maybe they’re waiting on a Butland sale or EFL approval of monies from stadium naming rights. If Ren has mislead the owners deliberately then I can’t see him remaining as CEO much longer. I understand the concerns about Garry Monk walking but after getting a bit of a butterfly reputation as a manager who doesn’t stay anywhere long he may want to prove himself and stay .

  • I think Garry monk will stay ,,he will get things knocked in to shape, he is the blues, manager the fans will back him and keep him their, ,with the embargo it will soon be sorted ,and Gary will get the players, he wants, and take blues ,back to the prem so come on Bluenoses back Gary now

  • I think we have some players who will flourish under Monk. I also think that (financial considerations aside) we aren’t in bad nick. Garry will bring out the best in what we have which is infinitely better than frittering away money on vanity signings. Having said that this embargo rubbish goes need to get sorted ASAP.

    • We need transparency not silence. Blue noses are thick skinned and we have taken a lot. It’s disrespectful of the owners to Keep us in the dark. We need to be up to date with whats happening at OUR club.

      Whatever is thrown at us we will accept, be honest with us and we will back you until the end.

      KRO and support Monk til the end of the road.

  • It’s strange and confusing not unusual with Chinese owners/Business people. If Ren cannot sort this and has been telling the main people in China he can – Number could well be up for him. “As for Gary Monk Situation he’s met the Owners we’re told, so let’s Hope the underlying factors are that The situation with FFP – can be resolved if not by Ren then by The Owners and quickly- For Me Gary has really bought into The Club The Supporters and Gets us – we Get him and his Staff – All very important – We do need to Strenghten Goalkeepers though not knocking Truemaan – Centre Midfield one more Striker However Gary will IMO – Utilise some of The Under 23’s / Younger Players – Robbo is there with them and will also advice accordingly – KRO – COYB

  • I can kick, head, trap, pass a ball so I can criticize players when they perform badly, but I have no idea how a football club is run as a business so I’m not going to criticize the owners.
    But questions need to answered quickly in relation to the embargo, one being is it going to be lifted and two when.
    Why are Blues seemingly being the only club publicly punished, there may be others, in the background.
    I’ve been a supporter for over 60yrs and have witnessed many joys and sorrows and I felt since Monk was appointed Blues could be going to become successful. If this embargo goes on for much longer I think he will leave in protest against being led a pack of lies. KRO

  • I assume this whole debacle is to do with the Stadium naming rights? Just another way for a club to flush money in to support itself. The likes of Manchester City/Arsenal are able to do so and get away with murder regarding cash outlays on player fees.

    The owners must have crossed the line somehow, but it isn’t abnormal for clubs to use this procedure to generate funds…

    A club statement highlighting all the issues to the fans is what’s needed, even if this FFP does get sorted before the deadline. Can’t begin to imagine the blue noses will appreciate anything being swept under the rug without an explanation as to why this is happening to us and seemingly us alone throughout all the English leagues at present.

    Unfortunately there is usually no smoke without fire, transparency is key to keeping everyone involved with BCFC on side. History shows that where ethics and economics come in conflict, economics always wins…

    Let’s all hope that the biggest lesson the board will learn through this latest “Tired & Weary” episode, is that the fans will all be there at the end of the road, long after themselves. Silence is deafening and conspiracy between the loyals results in faction.

  • Above comments reflect our whole summer so far centred firmly around FFP. So called journalistic experts have not helped one bit with scaremongering and false hopes. Garry Monk is obviously the key to us as fans and I am sure he is on the ball with what’s going on.Also I am sure he is capable of kicking ass with our hierarchy if needed. Common sense must prevail during the next seven days with the EFL and the club enabling the urgent arrival of a goalkeeper.

  • How about this for a further kick in the teeth for our manager.Casey Palmer (Monk’s major target) signed for Blackburn last night from Chelsea on one year loan. Imagine he got tired of waiting for our wretched management to act accordingly.

  • Urge fans to read QPR FFP case today. £17m plus fine .Blues case may follow suit. Strange how QPR goes back to Redknapp days.

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