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“The news I didn’t want”- Many Blues fans left crestfallen as Blues announce temporary bosses

Image for “The news I didn’t want”- Many Blues fans left crestfallen as Blues announce temporary bosses

Well, we’ve seen some form of movement.

The only question now is if they are going to provide the ‘new manager bounce’ that we’re looking for, or if they’re just going to be along for the ride as we take one step closer to a serious relegation battle.

The club announced yesterday that Steve Spooner and Craig Gardner will be taking charge of the club for this Sunday’s game against Stoke City, a game that could easily be described as a six-pointer considering where both sides are in the table.

With We Are Birmingham reporting that the club are looking to bring in someone from outside to look after the club on a caretaker basis, don’t be surprised if this is the only time we see them in the dugout before the end of the season.

Were the club correct to get rid of Clotet at this point?





But even if it’s the only time they’ll be in charge of the side, it doesn’t look as if these Blues fans are convinced of the idea.

What about you? What do you make of the news that Spooner and Gardner are going to be taking charge of affairs.

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  • R Smith says:

    I am sure the Dong is thinking , we need a temporary manager do we? I hear Harry Redknapp is available for a million pounds a game, then we can give him a longer contract and then sack him after 5 games. Oh hang on we already did that, but maybe second time lucky.

  • Sam says:

    We are Birmingham are wrong they are not looking outside the club for a temporary manager or caretaker boss. This is most likely it now till the end of the season or until all the games are played. Don’t any of you guys here listen to the BBC podcast.

    All I can say is good luck Spooner and Gardener.

    • John flavel says:

      They don’t get their information from official sources. That’s why this is such a lame place to come for news. I only come on here to see what these clowns are saying next it gives me a laugh. ;0)


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