Date: 12th November 2013 at 7:22pm
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Birmingham owner Carson Yeung has failed in his second bid to have the case against him thrown out of court. I am relieved to see this application fail, the last thing any of us need is a court case that goes on for even longer!

Yeung’s defence was that he could not longer have a fail trial, an argument that was rejected by the judge.

By the looks of things its a disclosure of documents from a different Hong Kong investigation, have they deliberately timed this badly for Yeung? who knows, but if they have its a dirty trick (bad things happen to bad people).

The new evidence that gave rise to the defence’s claim was documentation that seemed to prove Yeung had loaned money to a film director, they took this as evidence that he could not receive a fair trail because he did not have all the evidence laid out in front of him before hand in order to properly defend against it.

The prosecution argued they had no knowledge of the documents and had not abused the process of evidence disclosure as they were in the hands of an independent investigation by an organisation known as the ICAC.

If what the prosecution say is true, then I don’t see why the trial should be held up, it is a new bit of evidence that will be open to the context of the trail that has already taken place.

Allow me to be selfish for a minute and say that the only interest I have in this trial is its conclusion, I want it over so the club can stop being starved to death; something no one would stand by and tolerate if the club were a living being.

I’m sure some billionaire is about to buy us anyway, I think he’s just waiting until the time is right so he can look like some sort of hero (these rich men and their egos!).

Joking aside, the case continues, Yeung has pleaded not guilty to five counts of money laundering leading up to 2007.

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