Date: 7th March 2019 at 11:26am
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Written by Mitchell Bray

Way back on September 20th 2018, Vital writer Joel Cassidy wrote an interesting piece on the EFL and sanctions.

Since that date much has been talked about and much debated without any real conclusion or concrete idea as to what we at our club will be dealt, as regards possible punishment. Today we are still in limbo especially our hardworking manager and his backroom staff.

National newspapers have banded their own views with massive points deductions being their main lead. With this month being the one that clarity will out by the EFL, I am sure the majority of tabloids will be swooping like vultures hoping for dramatic, harsh headlines to match the punishment they hope for.

This week we have seen Bolton and Blackpool under the spotlight with money troubles and again it is the supporters who suffer most. Very little is ever considered for the paying fan. Whatever happens this month has taught me a lesson in what do I want from my club.

Do I want success in the way of promotion at any cost or do I want a stable club with integrity and living within its means? A perfect example of this is Ipswich Town – doomed for League One but extremely solvent and will appoint their next campaign with confidence of promotion back to the Championship. Since their playoffs two seasons ago, they have drifted badly by poor managerial appointments, after the sacking of Mick McCarthy. This club, well supported like ours, will return stronger.

Sheffield United are a similar example.

My real point here is that I am weary of my club going from one potential crisis to another and yearn for normality. Since Carsen Yeung to TTA and now Dragon Villa and Lego Securities not to mention the Cambodian project is it any wonder what the average bluenose thinks. We need after this awful FFP is finally put to bed, a period of stability and recovery and a large dose of confidence that eventually we get back to what we once were a proper football club.

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3 Replies to “The Black Cloud Of FFP And Where Blues Go After The Decision Is Made”

  • I’m surprised you’re using Ipswich as your example of well run club I’d use Brentford. I agree we need this circus off the field to stop and get back to being a football club.

  • Yes Ijaz,Brentford is a much better example.Any chance you would consider writing for this site? You have always made good sense. I am sure you have many good ideas as to how our beloved club should move forward.

  • Once EFL and FFP issues are sorted then perhaps we can enjoy our football. This awful saga has damaged this club since day one of the season.Thank goodness we have had a level headed manager within who has steered us looking upwards. Without him I really feel we would have gone under. No words can describe his contribution.

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