Date: 14th April 2017 at 6:32pm
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Does anybody remember the taxi that was seen in Solihull the day Gianfranco Zola was appointed as Birmingham City manager? Well, it would be great if somebody could call that exact same taxi for him now.

This afternoon Blues put in yet another lacklustre performance against relegated Rotherham United and finally Blues fans snapped with chants of ‘we want Zola out, say we want Zola out’ being heard with just a few minutes left to play at the New York Stadium.

The Italian can make up all the excuses he likes but the time has come for him to walk the plank and leave our club alone! He has done so much damage to us that we have now gone back to the Lee Clark days, something which I thought we would never see again, well at least not for a few more years anyway.

Blues have picked up just two league wins in 21 games and if any other manager in the league had a win percentage of less than nine then I am sure they would be out the door so why is it so different at Blues?

The club can try and mask the shower of s*** that has hit the fan but they aren’t going to be able to continue it any more, we just won’t stand for it.

Blues fans have been through enjoy pain and sorrow in the last six or so years so it is now time for these so called owners to take a proper stand and sack the worst manager in the division.

It was a stupid move from the owners to come out before the Rotherham game and say that Zola has their full support because at the end of the day it isn’t about the man leading the club, it is about the fans.

We pay our hard earned money to watch the club we love week in, week out. Do what it right for us. SACK ZOLA! Get him out of our club because unless you see League One as a step forward then you are as clueless as the man supposedly ‘managing’ our club.

The time has come to admit your mistake or you are going to be stuck in a sinking ship that is never going to see the light of day again.

Zola was brought in to take the club forward and so far he has taken us closer to League One than the Premier League and it is likely to continue into next season if he stays in charge.

Call me out on it, I don’t care. Am I angry? Yes of course I am, there are hundreds of thousands of Blues fans who are but they don’t have the means of publication to express their anger. I am being their voice!

Things need to change or the rows that happened in the changing room after the game today won’t be the only thing that is crumbling at the club…the attendances will as well!


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