Date: 7th June 2016 at 11:32am
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I`m not going to bang on about Trillion Trophy Asia`s (TTA) progressing takeover of the club nor am I going to waste time slagging off Carson Yeung regime – we`ve all been there before.

The announcement to the Hong Kong stock exchange yesterday was complex and we`d all go through it with a fine toothcomb if we had the time. I`m interested only in the effect developments will have on the football side of things.

Reportedly, TTA have set aside £10m to be invested in the team. While this isn`t a jaw dropping amount – and let`s not forget that players wages are included in that figure – it is significant progress.

Predictably, forums and social media sites have been full of armchair managers having their say on what and who Blues need. This bit of investment doesn`t make Blues a financial powerhouse in the Championship, but it does enable Gary Rowett to shop slightly more upmarket – he`s moved from Lidl to Asda.

If the cost of Diego Fabbrini`s transfer and wages over on year are calculated, you`re looking at something in the £2m region – quite a good deal for that calibre of player. On that note, Blues could afford five of ‘that type` of player.

Don`t expect an end to the free transfers though. Rowett will still be looking to spend the money wisely and if my understanding is correct, most of that £10m injection is available around January time.

We can all speculate on the identity of TTA, we can argue over who Blues need to sign, but one thing we should all agree on is that this announcement was a massive step in the right direction. Everyone connected with Birmingham City should be content.

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