Date: 7th May 2020 at 8:00am
Written by: Mark Day

I’m not sure the situation really affects us right now,

If you believe some reports, we could be going through this situation yet again. So at least we can see what Blues fans are thinking should we find ourselves in a position next season where we might be affected by these particular rules.

That way we can get a ‘precedent’ in if you want to call it that.

There has been plenty of talk about what is going to happen to those in the two promotion spots this season with the threat of cancelling the season dangling over us, and whilst the Blues aren’t involved in the promotion race, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a view on how the season could or should be ended.

Do the EFL need to be telling us more about the end of the season?





So when @Blues_HQ posed a question on Twitter about how they felt the season should end, with specific mentions to the top two in the division, there was some mixed reactions amongst the fans. Although there did seem to be an underlying message from some members on the faithful in regards who Leeds could be replacing in the Premier League.

Perhaps we do have a vested interest in this whole thing after all?

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