Date: 12th November 2018 at 11:53am
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A couple of weeks ago Vital Blues asked our readers a simple but poignant poll question: “Other than Aston Villa which local team grinds your gears?”

The poll was open for 24 hours.

The list of answers was:





None of the above except Aston Villa

Not exactly scientific, I grant you, primarily as the poll result is based on 63 votes. Nevertheless, here is how you voted; in descending order.

Wolves – 51%

None of the above except Aston Villa – 32%

WBA – 13%

Coventry – 3%

Walsall – 1%

Here is what a few Blues said in the comments section via the original article.


I have friends that are Villa fans, I have friends that are Wolves fans, and I have a lot of friends that are West Brom fans mostly at work. I live Blues; my family is all split between Blues & Villa…my dad Is Villa my mom is Blues – both my dad’s brothers are Villa. Me and my three brothers are Blues, both my sisters are not interested and find it all a bit silly lol. But saying all that most of my mates are West Brom.

40% West Brom friends.
40% Blues friends and family.
10% Wolves friends.
10% Villa friends and family.

Other than my Dad and his brothers my family are all Blues.

My uncle on my mom’s side took me to my first Blues game I was just three year’s old. My dad tried to make me a Villa fan when I was 12 year’s old He took me to the game Villa lost to Peterborough 3-1 the atmosphere was dryer I did not like it. But I had a great time at the Blues and never looked back.

But on match day that all goes out the window because every Bluenose is my friend and the rest are just nothing to me.

Roy Smith

In the 80s Coventry had a scoreboard that had sarcastic comments when Coventry scored, talk about incitement to violence, not liked them ever since. Wolves I have never liked mainly because there was always trouble at Blues Wolves matches, West Brom, are okay as are Walsall even though they hate Blues, but of course, Villa top the lot.


1st Vile
2nd Wolves
3rd Coventry
4th Walsall
West Brom. I have no problem with.

Larry Patterson

Villa 100% Crap fans and club.
Wolves a close second.
Coventry who are they.
Walsall A CBeBeS team.

West Brom, I drink with them even when we are playing each other never any trouble.
Although I always want us to kick their yam yam.


No team grates on me more than Villa. But Wolves get close.

It’s not the club it’s the fans just irritating.

With Villa, it’s the club and the fans.

Vital Blues

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