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Supporters all over the place with this Blues squad – Derby done, now for Wigan

Image for Supporters all over the place with this Blues squad – Derby done, now for Wigan

Bluenoses this season are completely all over the place as to which best eleven Pep Clotet should play.

Totally understandable. So many new additions – mainly unknown – have arrived and in truth, nobody has really stood out. That leaves most of us scratching our heads as to which player fits in and in what position.

Clotet must also be desperately searching for his best eleven and he works with them. Stand out answer for me is that no single player signed up whether permanently or on loan has improved on what we already had at the end of last season. This is no criticism but actual fact.

We understand the departure of Adams and Jota, so big voids are inevitable. As we look towards new formations and getting players to feel comfortable in new roles etc, we must keep picking up points to keep out of trouble, by that I mean not dropping below the 15th position in the league.

Since the Preston defeat, which was unnecessary but not surprising for seasoned Bluenoses, our attentions turned to Derby earlier this Saturday (3-2 defeat) and the midweek clash with Wigan Athletic – who should play and who should be recalled etc.

Many fans this week have blasted David Davis and Mrabti and want Gary Gardner and Maghoma back in. Decent shouts but in my view, we drop Davis at our peril. We need him, believe me. Gary Gardner is another who we need week in and week out along with Davis. Sunjic is a pleasant enough watch and possibly warrants a place. This week’s endless waffle about McEachran is quite an insult for us supporters and should stop. Have we and do we, deserve such continued ‘will he or won’t he sign’ scenario, surely not.

At least that speculation has come to an end.

Bluenoses deserve better than to hang our hat on a possible new recruit without a home. Until we get players in who turn our heads and we believe in then we stick to the tried and tested. Again my opinion, but should a new Head Coach/Manager be brought in to steady the ship, I would expect the first eleven to include both Maghoma and Gary Gardner with the continuing David Davis. Against Derby these players will be needed big time plus an insurance policy of Craig Gardner on the bench.

Question is whether Clotet will be ‘allowed’ to make that call. Younger players are needed of course and out of the lot, I would go in a heartbeat for Seddon. Bellingham is also the one to keep in the team. As already stated, until we get the players who make a difference then we stick to what we know.

This league is a bit of a bugger – you lose a few very quickly and problems hit you head on. The Preston game wasn’t a total surprise for most of us and that’s what is concerning – Derby and Wigan needs to see a swift response. Gardners, Jutkiewicz and Davis have the know-how and bottle. Until we get anything better, then stick with that.

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