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“Stupid decision”, “liability”: These Blues fans tear into key man after first half display

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O Captain! My Captain!

Although judging by the kind of comments that Harlee Dean was getting during the game, I don’t think there are going to be many people waking up and saying that tomorrow morning.

The Blues are currently 1-0 down against Huddersfield Town, and the first major ‘turning point’ of the game came in the 10th minute of the game, when captain Dean brought down Town’s Karlan Grant in the area for a penalty and gave the visitors the lead, something that didn’t leave the fans too impressed.

But it wasn’t just that one incident that was a spark of contention for the Bluenoses watching the game.

Is Harlee Dean our most important player?





Later on when he took a short throw that amounted to nothing much it just gave fans another opportunity to criticise the captain, even though he didn’t necessarily do anything wrong but it seems like the mere mention of his name was enough to get the fans riled up a bit.

What about you? What did you make of Dean’s performance last night and throughout the season so far?

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  • tracey tyler says:

    Sack the Coach!!!!

  • tracey tyler says:

    Diabolical performance, defense a joke,66 goals against now, no passion, big mess from top to bottom of club.
    and I am not confident what with all the problems going on with Trillion Trophy

  • Mitchell says:

    Says it all when not one sub.is introduced during the whole game. Never to my knowledge has this happened in any Championship games in recent years. Simple reason is that there is zero on the bench and I am afraid this epitomises what the club is about- clear the decks as per the players let go and get as much for Bellingham and call it a day.

  • steve says:

    We fell for every sucker punch and con in the book, Huddersfield knew exactly what they were doing from the start, they are a physical niggly team with all the hidden tricks, but we know that, happens everytime we play them, so why didn’t we learn. Our players were knackered after an hour and it showed. Huddersfield more or less replaced their whole team, why not let 2 or 3 of our youngsters come on in the last 15 and run around like headless chickens to keep their back 4 or 5 occupied. Blues played as if it was the first time they had ever got together and didn’t know anyone. In the last 3 games, are we now seeing the true Hogan, at least he stayed on his feet for this game. Need to make some changes to freshen it up.

  • malcolm x says:

    The only cure for the longtivity of our decrepit club is relegation…no arguments, straight talking, this club has no future under its current ownership

  • steve says:

    If all the financial issues are true coming out of the Far East and Blues owners, backers and lenders are desperate for cash and so much unrest in the various boards, will the club be allowed to keep any transfer funds from a Bellingham sale or will it have to go back to the Far East to satisfy investors and loans.

  • Roy says:

    Pathetic display. Captain who can’t defend. We deserve better. And that clown whi says we will be better off in div 3. How moronic is that?

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