Date: 11th December 2017 at 10:43pm
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As just over 4,000 fans hurled abuse of Birmingham City manager Steve Cotterill on Saturday afternoon as he walked from the dugouts to the changing rooms, it got me thinking, is there a reason behind him bowing his head and not clapping us?

If the result had gone the other way would he have done the same? Probably not!

After the game, he was caught on camera openly admitting that he will ‘always f****** acknowledge’ the fans support but why didn’t he do it on Saturday?

Okay he might have been a little embarrassed that his side missed a second half penalty that meant they hadn’t scored a second half goal in any of the 10 games that he has been in charge but that doesn’t excuse his behaviour.

It’s fair to say that his rash comments after the game haven’t gone unnoticed and it is quite clear to see that the current state of affairs at the club are hurting him as much as they are hurting the fans.

According to Vital Birmingham sources, a defeat at the weekend against Queens Park Rangers could prove to be the last nail in the coffin for the former Bristol City manager.

However, the Mirror Online revealed on Monday afternoon that their sources believe the owners of Blues, Trillion Trophy Asia, are ready to give Cotterill more time in charge at St.Andrew’s meaning that he has lost the support of the fans but not the support of the owners.

If he can pick a win up on Saturday afternoon then it may well be a turning point for him but how he goes about it is yet to be seen.

I try to stay optimistic when it comes to Blues but at the moment I am finding it hard to stay positive. I will always try my best to stay upbeat but sometimes you have to know when you are defeat.

Personally, I feel this chapter in Blues’ history is coming to an end, I just hope the owners realise it before it is too late.

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7 Replies to “Steve Cotterill – He’s lost the fans but not the owners”

  • Sacking Cotterill may well come.His successor however will not be a new manager.TTA will,i believe,instruct Carsley to oversee the second half of the season.

  • TTA would have been a bit desperate after the Rowett …Zola ,.and Harry ..ordeal .perhaps Cotterill.managed a casts iron contract as security , whatever ….blues need 2 strikers up front and keep getting them and the ball into the penalty area , we know we need at least 2 quality players at least in this window ….and we really are talking feet and not inches ,,we need a balance as well to keep winning not to much defence and not to much attacking ….as it is you ain’t going anywhere averaging 1.25 shots on target per game as blues have done in the last 4 matches ..COME ON blues are losing momentum and that’s not exceptable to the fans ….

  • PS ,..JON Walters has averaged around a goal every 5 games in his career …which would give him around 9 goals a season in the champs …..for me Kasper Dolberg …Emmanual Dennis ,would be better , and they are young …would be better in time with just enough to get us out of trouble now ….

  • I try to stay optimistic when it comes to Blues but at the moment I am finding it hard to stay positive. I will always try my best to stay upbeat but sometimes you have to know when you are defeated.

    Tom, I accepted I was beaten when TTA sacked HR and appointed SC. I could list many reasons why I considered this move to be monumentally wrong but I won’t because it becomes depressing to keep rolling them around my mind. That being said, the main reason I have switched off is because TTA give me no confidence in being good for Blues regardless of how much money they throw at it. I have no concrete evidence of this just a gut feeling, but I believe they soon realised they had made a big error created through panic and the consequential overreaction in sacking HR. This hit home for them very quickly as a result of weighing up the sheer level of dumbfounded confusion and reaction, among the wider footballing community and the (majority) of Blues fans in hearing the shock decision. Then in an attempt to appease Blues fans they appointed the so called ‘fans choice’, in spite of his obvious managerial shortcomings. Can you really run a football club successfully like that?
    It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if TTA are willing to give Cotterill more time. I mean, who would you be more patient with, a manager with Champions League experience who has just brought in 14 new players to fit into his ideas of system and tactics, or the current gaffer with League One success?? Maybe my sarcasm will trip me up and TTA will come good and be great for Blues in the long term? However, I have no optimism left in awaiting that outcome. We have become a laughing stock; causing many fans of other teams around the country to scratch their heads in confusion and bewilderment as to what is going on at BCFC.

  • Dear Steve Cotterill,QPR concede a fair amount of free kicks around their goal areas.Suggest David Cotterill starts.Gallagher at Centre Forward and Maghoma on the other wing.Bang balls up and flat back four.,end of.

  • 100% agree Kramer but you know Cotterill will just set out the team to draw with no attacking intent. It will be us conceding a free kick and a set piece goal. Let’s hope the fans who talked to SC after Fulham got him to listen to how we should be playing. If we lose this game against a pretty poor QPR he quite simply needs sacking.

  • Kasper Dolberg! The same one who plays for Ajax is gonna leave a europa final team to play for league 1 bound blues? Have a word with yourself Village.

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