Date: 15th August 2018 at 6:00pm
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Lee Camp didn’t get off to the best of starts against Reading last night. Although he was not at fault for the first goal, he could perhaps have done better with John Swift’s freekick for the second.

The free transfer signing from Cardiff has a lot to prove with many supporters not convinced he is of the required level to be the club’s number one.

Here are what some fans are saying on Twitter about the 33-year-old:

Some are still perplexed as to why neither David Stockdale nor Tomasz Kuszczak have been recalled by Garry Monk:

It’s not fair to judge on one game, but there’s no doubting he can have done better with the free kick. He gambled by taking a step to the right when standing his ground would have likely seen him save the shot.

Personally, I would keep faith with Connal Trueman for the Swansea game as there wasn’t enough from our new signing to suggest that he would be better than the 22-year-old, who has a greater scope for improvement.

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19 Replies to “‘Stealing a Living’ – What Some Birmingham Fans Are Saying About 33 Year Old’s First Game”

  • There was so much wrong with Blues at Reading from the so called SENIOR players those who chose to pick on Camp had made up their minds already. I was in the main stand an behind the free kick. The wall was all over the place and Camp was like a cat on a hot tin roof. Before the kick was taken I said to my mate that if the shot was over the wall it would go in. So it proved.
    Through out the rest of the game Camp looked like a senior keeper and did nothing wrong. Considering the two centre halves were all over the place it was quite an achievement.

  • Please learn to write, you are an embarrassment with grammar like that, took me 3 reads to work out what the hell you were on about, in fact there are still parts I am not sure about.

  • Vitalfootball. Little warning to those who operate this site. Today’s comments have overstepped the language moderation code. Foul mouthed comments could see this site fined and closed.Writer of this particular blog John Westward please take the necessary action.

    • Nothing different to what you here every day in the pub. If that upsets you don’t read it. Maybe this site should not post articles like this in the first place.

  • My take is who cares about the cup we have more to think about in the league. Camp did OK he could not have dune all that much about the goals. He
    even may have got wrong sided in the freekick but come on we played are kids against a first team Reading. Friday is the game that matters.

  • No other club would have two first team keepers blacklisted but on the payroll and buy a second string one.
    Humble pie needs to be on GMs menu.

    • He can’t play Stockdal he as a massive appearance fee. And kusack is past it. Not much Monk can do about that. What we need to do is get behind the players in the team. It don’t matter about the Cup game it’s not important. Camp did OK he looked fit and ready Trueman also looking good. Both are sweeperkeepers both fit better for Monk so that’s fine by me.

  • Camp actually had no chance with either goals. The free kick went with pace and dip into the top right corner. If Camp had stayed put it would’ve required a very good save to get to that top corner. It’s easy to blame the keeper but how about not giving away stupid free kicks on the edge of the box. Btw I didn’t want us to sign Camp after his poor season for Sunderland but I think the criticism he is receiving is unfair. The manager brought him in and you have to trust his judgement.

  • Ndoye transfer may be good in the long term but unless we sign a midfielder ASAP then we are getting weaker by the day.Gardners,Keifenbeld,Lakin etc do not fill me with optimism when performing in the Championship.As we currently are,we must be one of the weakest in terms of any sort of decent midfields. As regards our attacking play we need both Adams and Jota to step up-not much to ask.

  • Think goals ….if you don’t shoot enough you dont score enough if you dont score enough you dont win enough …and nobody smiles enough …COME ON…

  • I think that’s the most incomprehensible, poorly written thing I’ve attempted to read. I’m going to assume that auto-correct put the hyphen in ‘he’s’.

  • Tuesday night. Don’t play camp again please, does camp know that when he dives for a ball. It might help if he puts is arm and hand out to save the the replay for both goals there’s no outstretched arm and hand. GARY you have got rid of grounds and kept Roberts, why ?, Grounds on more money ?, Three game’s in I really do fear for us, no better than last season at the moment. kRO.

  • We have played three every game counts. You mean to try and tell me that they never tried to win it. Need to get a win. kRO.

  • The cup games don’t gain you points in the league witch is more important. Of course the young players wanted to win but it was always unlikely. And they gave it their best. I would say it’s best we don’t have all the extra games that would have came with a win.

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