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Some Noise Needed As The Dust Settles At St.Andrew’s

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Since last Wednesday when Birmingham City literally escaped the League One trapdoor, the dust has settled over St.Andrew’s and we are now bordering on a deathly silence.

Supporters know nothing, as usual, with the vacant managers chair still not filled – as far as we know. We are extremely used to zero output from the club whether it be encouragement to buy season tickets or even the optimism for a new beginning to a new season of hope. Compared to most football clubs we simply don’t have that connection that should be there.

Maybe there are good reasons and maybe it best we don’t know. After Villa’s Sunday relegation escape and the euphoria that followed, is it any wonder Bluenoses are feeling a ‘little out of things’.

Yes, we have had our own escapes in the past and have felt the tide of relief that it brings, but this time around it feels that survival last week wasn’t truly earned. Since the restart, we literally imploded with very little joy for supporters after being in lockdown and looking forward to the return of football.

This nine match mini-league didn’t suit anybody at the club and it stood out mercilessly. Perhaps it was the empty stadiums or simply the total lack of leadership and skill on the pitch. History is what this now is and the best medicine that the club can administer now is that of renewed hope.

This can only be done by engaging the fans to basically ‘buy in’ to the new season. Never have a club base of loyal battle hardened followers yearned for more. We are as flat as the proverbial pancake at the moment and the thought of the new season just around the corner is daunting.

What is needed is noise coming from the right directions at St.Andrews instead of only hearing the occasional pin drop.

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  • Charles says:

    Quiet indeed. Just waiting for the next unwanted bombshell to come out from the club. Beginning to think maybe there isn’t to be a new Manager. Selling out might be on their agenda now.

  • Peter says:

    No manager, no investment and not as much as a boo out the club. I’m not looking forward to next season. We’re in freefall.

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