Date: 3rd March 2018 at 9:31pm
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Birmingham City have this evening confirmed that manager Steve Cotterill has left the club after just five months in charge.

Following a run of five straight defeats, including a derby day humiliation against Aston Villa, the supposedly supportive Trillion Trophy Asia have sacked Cotterill and have now begun their search for a fifth manager in 16 months.

With rumours circling that former Swansea City, Leeds United and Middlesbrough boss Garry Monk is set to take over, Blues fans can now potentially have something positive to look forward to.

However, something that fans must understand is that should Monk be appointed, he has an almighty task on his hands, which the previous three managers have failed to overcome.

One way to look at his potential appointment is that Monk is the same type of manager as former fan favourite Gary Rowett.

When the now Derby County manager came to Blues, he was young (as he still is now in terms of being a manager) and he had a point to prove.

Monk is also a young manager, 38 to be exact, and he still has plenty to prove after a failed stint with promotion hopefuls Boro.

I thoroughly believe that Monk is the man to take Blues forward but my God does he have a big task on his hands, potentially starting with a visit from his old team on Tuesday night at St.Andrew’s when Tony Pulis brings his Boro side to town!


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  • Monk will be good. GR played deep and on the counter monk plays high and on the ground. So the only think the same is age. stile is not the same. I can see him picking Jota and dropping Boga he will get the best out of Adams.

  • 6 defensive players is good enough for any team normally …Cottie lived to much in fear of losing for me . He did get us on a winning streak though , before injuries and suspensions spoilt the run …the best form of defence is attack so they say… it’s a pity that he wasn’t a little more that way ..still he deserves thanks for trying ..he will be a better manager for the experience ……kro

  • All sounds great if you have the right players but we don’t. Its ok playing attacking football if you have midfielders who can retain possession and pass the ball into the dangerous areas but we don’t. Sitting deep and hitting teams on the break is the best hope we have, but we don’t have any players that are good on the break either. Rowett was just about getting away with it, and its hard to believe that in 3 transfer windows since the new owners came in we have not been able to improve the areas of the team that needed it most. Lets hope the next manager through the door can get to know what he has inherited quickly and find an effective system that suits them. Not sure if there are any released players who could help out, or even if we can sign anyone but if we can’t get some quality from somewhere it will be the end of the Championship road for us this season.

  • @gazal we do have the players it was SC tactics that lost us games. Not playing our best attacking players and playing Boga a blind donkey would be better than him.
    no Adams no Jota playing Gallagher on the left for half the Fing season my mom could have picked a better team. Bad management makes a half decant team a bad team. Good management makes a half decant team a Good team. We don’t have any world beaters but anyone with half a bran could have dune better than that clown with the players we have. Gary Rewet got us two mid table finishes with a much weaker team and when he was sacked we was joint 4th. New man Monk will prove me right.

  • Cotterill singlehandedly destroyed these players by silly favouritism and bullish attitudes.For Brian Dick to state ?Blues chewed him up and spat him out? is pure drivel.This reporter,IMO,is very poor and serves no use in our current plight.Never has he been around when we needed answers as paying fans.This squad of players are decent. Bruce would have them playing to their potential should they be his players-likewise half the managers in the Championship.So let?s not claim that we haven?t the players. Monk is interesting as I believe he will be here long term and not just an eleven game of dire,desperate cup finals.Last week I mentioned the Wolves model under Jackett when they dropped into league One. This is a far better policy and employing a young manager with good pedigree and a respected one,will get us back with logical thinking that the fans can relate to. What Monk will not tolerate is the woeful passing,losing 50/50 balls and the meagre shot tally per game. Against Middlesbrough what do we expect? What I don?t want is to see frustration all round as defeat is certainly on-it is the longer term plan that has to be accepted.He will have been given assurances for next season and if these current players do have to play league One football,then I would certainly put my house on Monk getting us back than I would with the likes of Cotterill. Finally,I hope Garry Monk does fit the bill here and put to rest the endless yearning for the last young manager who raised us from the ashes.

  • So essentially, we need another Rowett so we can finally forget about Rowett and move on? If so, I agree.
    I am not sure if Monk is the messiah everyone seems to claiming, but I am open minded. And I hope he is.
    More important to me is the bigger picture. The board have basically finally admitted that they messed up big time, in so far as having a mass clear out and a let’s start all over from scratch approach. Everyone has gone except basically Lee Carsley and the receptionist. We needed that.
    I am honestly quite eager to find out which of the players are really worth the shirt, as we should find that out now….

  • OnTilt.Regarding the players.I am fortunate to get some insight into what past managers feel about our squad.(not ex-Bluesmanagers). Overall feeling is that we are on a par to clubs like Cardiff,Norwich ,Fulham and Bristol City.This being based on player purchases.Most of our players excelled at their previous clubs and should they have gone to the other clubs mentioned-under the likes of Warnock and Johnson then we would have seen them progress further.Monk is an interesting one,as if we see a big improvement with our relatively new players,then what my past managers are feeling makes sense.

  • Garry Monk is a good manager and is exactly the sort of manager we need long term. Short term to keep us up seems a tough ask. Will we see new manager bounce? At least you know Garry Monk will play attacking football. Anyone who gets Jota and Adams to play has to be an improvement.

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