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Sluggish Blues Really Need Reinventing

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Since the football restart, and going back a little before lockdown, Birmingham City have been sluggish and sterile. All Championship clubs have shown far more thrust and ideas than ourselves.

Analyse any way you want, it really does come down to leadership and a general direction as to the way forward. Salvaging a point against Charlton caused much delight and relief for us supporters, similar to the comeback single point against Hull City. This sadly is what we have achieved at home since restart began – celebration at actually getting two points.

Players on the pitch are not the same and the declining form of Hogan is a good example. This player who we yearned to sign permanently has plummeted in both popularity and value.

With the quick turnaround before the new season begins, the club simply must sort out the basics and get a manager in who can awaken this comatose squad. Recent rumours of Paul Cook is probably a good shout, together with the ongoing rumblings of Lee Bowyer.

As regards Cook, I would expect him to have a choice of a new club and the Wast Hills setup may be a big no-go for him. With Bellingham leaving and possibly a couple more established players on the move, the recruitment of replacements has never been more urgent.

In my opinion, two things will now happen – our owners will stick to promoting from within with a view to offloading the club or they attempt to attract a decent manager. Nobody knows and we shall not get a clue until the very last minute. Certainly, there will be no reassurance from our owners or CEO Ren. They just don’t do that.

Uncertainty and pessimism now runs throughout supporters like never before and four years of creeping over the line is taking its toll. Bluenoses I speak to just feel the trap door to League One is only a matter of time.

Many quote Norwich, Sheffield United, Wolves, Southampton etc, and their point is understandable but do we really want what they endured – surely not.

My hope is that someone with a modicum of football know-how can get this club by the scruff of the neck and reinvent us. What we do not want is the likes of Harlee Dean blasting off about his colleague’s desire etc as this really is scraping the barrel and again demeaning the club.

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  • tracey tyler says:

    Yes l agree with all your comments,the club needs a radical shake up and moreover a PLAN, a plan similar to those of Brentford,Sheffield United to name but two who had a 5 year plan stuck to it and saw it through. I like Paul Cook think he is in the Wilder mould and could be a good fit us but would the board have the patience and stop interfering that is the big question and of the course there is always the question of the debt we are in which would put a lot of people off..

  • R Smith says:

    My money is on the board doing the wrong thing, but if they do make a decent appointment Ren will sack him as soon as he loses 2 matches in a row.

  • Charles says:

    Hard to see where we are going to get new recruits. In two weeks time I think Colin,Dean and Pedersen will be off. Hogan will return to Villa. Unless some of the Bellingham money is splashed I don’t see us having a hope for next season.

  • Jimmy says:

    Unless we get some stability we are going to remain in trouble. The board need to back the new manager and give him a chance. If a new manager is assured some of the Bellingham transfer fee and the owners stop interfering then we might have some hope. However with the people in charge I am pessimistic. The Spanish transfers this season were a disaster, whoever was responsible for that failed experiment wrecked the season.

  • Wallyb says:

    As I have said before maybe it would be better to get relegated and hope the loss of face persuades TTA to sell.
    We are again in a nail-biting stage once again and will probably undeservedly survive. All that means is another season of mediocracy and a dejavu next May. We seem to be stuck in a revolving door with no way out!!

  • Wallyb says:

    Down to 20th now and hoping results go our way and that Wigan get 12 points deducted. We have to assume we will lose to Preston which depending on the Charlton v Wigan game could mean it will go to the wire against Derby. What a pathetic situation to be in! We allowed the head coach to stay on after announcing he will desert the sinking ship leaving the players in limbo. We should have fired him in the “virus break” and appointed a new manager then – as it is the new person will have little time before the new season starts and the current squad is just not good enough – even for League 1.

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