Date: 3rd March 2017 at 10:45pm
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Sexy isn’t always effective. It looks great, excites a little, but often frustrates. Tonight was exactly that. It was 90 minutes of Blues in a nutshell.

Blues are like a sexy woman who promises to dress up and give you a marathon session before revealing her hairy legs.

After last week’s win at Wolves, Gianfranco Zola’s men came out like a house on fire. Blues had the better of the early exchanges but found themselves a goal behind. Hesitancy from Ryan Shotton allowed Blues’ former Brugge hero Chris Wood to loft a delicate chip over Tomasz Kuszczak with Leeds’ first chance of the game .

Blues kept going. They kept passing. They kept knocking on the door. Chieck Keita kept dazzling the fans with his magic feet. Robert Tesche rattled the bar with a volley – the crossbar is still shaking. However, Blues are toothless in attack. They get to the final third and run out of ideas.

Between both penalty areas, Zola’s worked a side who are capable of playing some very good football. Yet at both ends of the pitch they must do better.

When Craig Gardner equalised just after the hour mark, the game was there to be won. The better side had deservedly clawed themselves back into the contest. Then, bang. 2-1 Leeds. That man Wood again. It was a sucker punch. It killed the atmosphere.

In fairness, the players continued asking questions and continued trying to unlock the door. So when Alfonso gift wrapped three points for the visitors, that was that. The referee denied Blues a stone wall penalty late on and with that, the hopes had faded.

It was another case of what could have been and probably what should have been. Like I said, Blues in a nutshell.

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8 Replies to “Sexy football proves fruitless once again”

  • It just doesn’t work in the championship teams just kick you knock you down and bully you there is no time to play like that you just have to fight for every ball be stronger than them. Yes we was yet again the better side. But Leeds are a dirty team and they get away with it. its not parity but it is effective tonight showed that. We should IMO have had 2 penalties and there was so…Soo, many times we did not get the decision I think this is because we want to much time on the ball. So when our players was chopped down we get nothing. Wood touched the ball 3 times and scored twice he was the only difference tonight. But There is the fact that we are playing continental football in a ruff and tuff league witch could be seen as our weakness. When we played wolves we played ruff and tuff football and we won so that is how we should be playing until we have a quality Defence and a striker that can finish his chances now and then. I cant see this working and even with that we still have to be big and strong and get stuck in. So a good mix of the nice passing and the ruffles good hard tackles like Middlesbrough last season. KRO

  • We simply cannot defend. Pure and simple. All the attacking and nearly shots count for nothing if the back4/5 cannot defend.Stark warning for Zola-play this way,even against Wigan and we will be undone. Keita,Cogley,Robinson not up to the fight at the moment with their lack of defensive strength and lack of mobility from Robbo. Grounds needs coming back in a proper back four.Rowett style. After today’s round of games and failure to beat Wigan will see games against Newcastle,Cardiff,Huddersfield and Derby will see Zola scrapping for a survival target which just may be out of his natural reach. As I said this is all down to our team that just cannot defend.Suicidal logic on Zola’s preferred formation.

  • Add Brighton to that list and you see Wolves,Burton and Bristol City scrapping with us to clear the dreaded 3rd Easter.

  • Brooklyn, I honestly don’t think we will go down. As for Keita, he was superb last night with the ball, he made one mistake at the back. Grounds often makes that mistake too. Beilik should have been in for Robbo.

  • I think the defence was set out wrong yesterday. Bielik was superb against Wolves and he should’ve been playing not Robbo who should only be a backup. If Juke is fit he simply has to play. We had 27 shots on goal and if our best finisher was on the pitch from the start you know he would’ve put at least one or two away. I know Adams had a good game versus Wolves and has the important attribute of pace which Juke doesn’t have. However Juke has a physical presence and is a better finisher. I think we could’ve dropped Gardner back and played Adams at the top of the diamond. Overall very good performance but again no end product. If we had Chris Wood we would’ve won 12-0. Wasn’t really expecting anything versus Leeds who are flying. Wigan is a must win with very tough games coming up versus Newcastle and Brighton.

  • Must win game Ijaz? Absolutely. Ugly is what comes to mind and an ugly attitude required. Have we got it-certainly not.Wigan is for me a million miles as a definite win. Any other manager in charge I would feel confident. We need Robbo.out,Keifenbeld out and Cogley out. Grounds,Jukey and Beliek in. Will Zola see it this way? Don’t hold your breath. This likeable man is rapidly becoming a dangerous commodity now-even taking into account of the Wolves victory.

  • Was Juke fully fit? I don’t think he was. Is it only me who would persist with Cogley? He will make a mistake all young players do, just look at John Stones for an example. Caddis, Grounds, Shotton and Morrison all make mistakes and they have far more experience. Get behind the kid, don’t slate him.

  • Rob.nobody is slating Cogley. Sometimes I despair as to how you read things.Do you realise what a shambles our club is in? I really don’t think you do. Older,experienced heads are required in our team now-not youngsters like Cogley who is decent but not at this time. In a few matches time you will come to realise how desperate we have become. 17th in the league at the moment is believe me a luxury for what is to become. Negative thinking? Well yes and rightly so as Zola will take us deeper into the mire unless Panos gives a sensible manager at least 10 games to sort it out. We play nice football under Zola but who wants an average 2 wins in 16 games.

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