Date: 22nd August 2017 at 6:09pm
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The EFL supports safe standing, the FA chairman wants it and the EPL clubs are discussing it. After many years of campaigning, we are almost at the point where government will look seriously at introducing it.

But we’re not quite there.

A working showcase within the EFL/EPL structure will greatly strengthen our case. It will show MPs that safe standing DOES work in this country.

So act now! Help the FSF create this vitally important showcase to prove our point!

The site will be at Shrewsbury Town. But this is absolutely NOT about just one club. It’s about EVERY club. And EVERY fan.

If you believe that ALL fans of ALL clubs should have the choice to sit or stand, act now!

Even just a pound or two will help. More if you can afford it. There are some great rewards in return.

But most of all you will be helping to make safe standing happen.

Let’s get this showcase up and running ASAP, so that when discussions take place with government they can’t say it wouldn’t work in England or Wales.

Let’s show them it can!

Act now!

Campaign site – Click Here.

FSF piece on crowdfunding launch – Click Here.

Author – Jon Darch –
Safe Standing

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One Reply to “Safe Standing – The Time For You To Act Is Now!”

  • Safe standing with the rail seats that are in place at Celtic appear to be a step in the right direction.It’s a sensitive topic in view of Hillsborough,always will be following that awful tragedy that really was not any fault of the fans,we all know who was at fault there.
    The vast majority of fans would welcome the chance to have the option,rightly so too however the days of standing in mass will never come back,possibly rail seats can be rolled out to a limited extent at grounds,the Tilton faithful would welcome the chance to stand again however I can’t ever see things going back to where they once were. Safety of fans has and must remain the most important thing,never again can we roll back the years to the 80’s and all that went on in that era.So many improvements have been made at football stadiums,certainly in the top two tiers we now have fantastic facilities.
    I well remember the shambles that St Andrews had become,it was not a ground to be proud of in my younger years.Sullivan and the Gold brothers,we have a lot to thank them for for the stadium now is wonderful,if only we could finish it off with the main stand which still looks like a throwback to decades long gone.I fully understand the reasoning why it can’t be developed,maybe one day things may change however I doubt I will live to see it.
    A move has been suggested to a council owned ground,something I would NEVER welcome,our home is B9 and we should stay with our roots and never change the name of the ground.

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