Date: 25th April 2017 at 2:07pm
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Blues captain Paul Robinson has been charged with violent conduct by the Football Association for an incident in the aftermath of Aston Villa`s goal on Sunday. Robinson appeared to have deliberately held and tripped Villa defender James Chester during the goal celebrations.

The 68th minute incident was missed by the referee which has led to the FA`s involvement.

The player has until 6pm tomorrow to respond to the charge. If found guilty, Robinson will more than likely face an immediate ban resulting in his absence from the final two games of the season.


For the record, I like Robbo as a player and as a leader. But incidents like the one on Sunday show his stupidity when it is least needed.

It isn`t the first time Robbo has been reprimanded for violent conduct. He was sent off for reacting to a tackle during the win at Wolves and, although the red card was later rescinded, Robbo should never have given the referee and decision to make. It could have cost Blues the game.

I understand Robbo`s grievance – James Chester was all over him during the corner which led to Gabby Agbonlahor`s goal – but you simply cannot react like that.

When Gianfranco Zola stood down as Blues manager, many people were quick to call for Robbo as his interim replacement. However, situations like this prove that he does not yet have the mentality to be a manager.

It`s very likely that Blues will have to make do without their captain for the final two games – both crucial fixtures. Robbo will quite rightly be kicking himself for such immaturity.

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9 Replies to “Robbo charged by FA”

  • We are self inflicting every week and this just about tops it. I am sick to death now of the team.Just lost total faith in any of them.

  • Brooklyn have you even seen the video?. Its just villa trying to inflict as much as they can on us Robbo as not pounced James Chester the goal is scored Robbo is on the floor as he gets up he throws his right arm down to the ground. I Don’t know about you but that is not how anyone punches someone If he was trying to punch him then he would have thrown his arm up or directly at him. Chester is running at pace I doubt Robbo even seen him as he was looking in the opposite direction. Chester did not compline at the time because there was no contact So I doubt even Chester new nothing of it. Maybe you should get beaned the team not ad to the problems. Same goes for Rob Wildey KRO

  • Maybe I should get behind the team? What a joke-perhaps the team should get behind their loyal supporters.

  • Waycoolblue – Robbo deliberately trips Chester. If you look at my article i don’t mention a punch. It’s petty but be shouldn’t do it. He’s got himself banned now when we need everyone pulling together.

  • So what was it a trip a punch our did he shot because all over the net people are making out he battered the feck out of him come on. Its a mans game this is nanny boy talk

  • And rob I have not slagging off the manager he ant been here long enough yet. But if you talking about Zola I would not even call him a manager but come on he disserved it and he knows it too. And so do you know it.

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