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“Robbed but we’ll take it”- Lots of Blues fans left in two minds after another impressive draw

Image for “Robbed but we’ll take it”- Lots of Blues fans left in two minds after another impressive draw

And the undefeated run just keeps rolling on.

What makes it even more impressive is when you look at the sides we’ve been undefeated against, and how high up the table they are. It kind of makes you wonder where this team has been all season, but anyway, let’s not get bogged down in the details.

Birmingham City held 4th placed Brentford to a 1-1 draw yesterday, and the best thing about it was that we managed to do it without Scott Hogan having to bail us out like he has done the past few games. Although depending on who you talk to about the game, we could have got a little bit more out of the game if not for a, let’s just say, rather questionable refereeing decisions.

Which is why there were two trains of thought coming from the Bluenoses after the game. There were those who were happy to settle for a point against one of the bigger teams in the division, whilst there were those who were frustrated that it was just the one in the end.

Is Jude Bellingham our most important player?





Where do you sit in this debate?

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  • Ijaz says:

    Another poor ref clear handball not given. Also how was that foul on Gardner not a red

  • St Francis says:

    Yes, I agree we should have had at least one clear penalty. But, I think we were all hoping to get a draw at least and hope for a late winner. Hope Hogan isnt too badly injured, living with one striker is not going to be easy, even if it is Juke! 9 more points and it’s done. Another excellent performance especially from Gardner, who is Kieft going to replace Sunjic?

    • Roy Smith says:

      9 more points? No, the FL will decide to deduct points for us wearing Blue, or for having a keeper with a pony tail, some way they will try to screw us.

  • tracey tyler says:

    Kieft will need a awful lot of match play to get back to where he was so dont expect miracles from him yet as they are serious injuries to bounce back from but we are steadily getting to where we need to be and hopefully setting down the platform for a Promotion push next season

  • Roy Smith says:

    Looks like our meeting with the FL about all the lousy refereeing decisions we have suffered did nothing to improve things then, as clear a hand ball as you will ever see. I am starting to think that it is a “subtle” way for the FL to deduct points this year without doing it openly.

  • Edward Soudan says:

    Whingeing Blues fans and Manager having achieved absolutely nothing (again) this season.

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