Date: 2nd August 2017 at 11:10am
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Birmingham City’s bid for Bristol City left-back Joe Bryan has been rejected, according to MirrorSport.

It was reported yesterday that Harry Redknapp had made a double swoop for both Aden Flint and Bryan with a bid of around £5m.

But the Blues boss looks to have been frustrated with Blues Championship rivals knocking back the bid for 23-year-old Bryan.

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6 Replies to “Reports: Blues bid for left-back rejected”

  • OK so Joe Bryan bid has been rejected,what’s happening with Aden Flint,is it good news that he has been left out of this article,is he in negotiations right now with Redknapp,no news sometimes can be good news and I am hopeful that something is happening right now behind the scenes with this impressive imposing player.He would be a great addition,a goal scoring centre back,yeah that sounds good. KRO

  • I admire your continued optimism Le Hane and only wish I had some of it. Like yourself I have supported Blues over 50 years but at the present time I am deeply suspicious of what is going on. Try as I may,I cannot swallow the theory that Harry has it sorted.Piece by piece nothing really adds up and if my theory of TTA is correct then back to square one it is. Hopefully I will get a clearer picture from Brian Dick or whoever. Targets after targets are sinking and now the Ravel situation is another stumbling block. We are now getting near kick off and I expect Cotterill,Gleeson,Shotton etc to re-enter the fold.

  • Ohio,I share the same concerns as you do,your post yesterday unsettled me and I am as keen as you to hear the feedback that you hopefully will receive from Brian.Every day I check to see any new developments,yesterdays was optimistic however today two more set backs.It’s interesting though that no news has come about Flint,I am surprised the press have not covered the fact we have gone in for both players today,only mentioning one has been rejected,is Flint in Birmingham now having a medical? I hope so,will be checking in later to see if we have any positive news.

  • So now we know the offer for Flint has also been rejected,is there going to be any good news coming from St Andrews this week? It looks like any offer Redknapp is making is getting blocked,It does look like Flint’s days at Bristol City are winding up,at least that’s what the press are telling us.Harry does not want us to get fleeced however it’s a balancing act trying to value a player.If he has the money,if he thinks Flint is worth another go we might entice Bristol to accept an improved offer.It’s all out of our hands and very frustrating.We need players coming in quite urgently,Shotton has lost his desire for BCFC probably due to Redknapp targeting another player in the heart of defence,that’s a shame,a professional football player who is earning money we dream about should fight for his place and not take the easy route out.Very disappointed with him.

  • Downing farce has officially ended thank goodness.Heaven knows what that was all about.Perhaps it was for muggins like me to take seriously.

  • As a matter of courtesy to fellow commenters,as of now I have not received a reply to my email to Mr.Brian Dick.He of course is not obliged to reply and this is in no form of any criticism.

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