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Report: The drastic measures that the Blues are set to take during these difficult times

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It’s like the Tesco catchphrase ‘Every little helps’.

With some clubs facing a very uncertain future with the Coronavirus putting a stop to English football for the foreseeable future, and clubs are going to have to make some adjustments to how they pay the players whilst this is all coming through.

And for a club like Birmingham City, they aren’t going to be any exception to the rule. According to a report in The Telegraph, the Blues are set to be one of the first clubs to tell players to take a pay cut to see them through the next few weeks until the football season resumes. It states that players who are earning more than £6,000 a week will need to take a 50% pay cut for the next four months, with the money set to be paid back in installments when the season starts again.

My only concern about this though, is how the club is going to get the money back in the midst of all this seeing as money coming into the club could be a bit tricky to come by at this stage.

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Ivan Sunjic

With the club reportedly making roughly £5.2m from matchday income back in 2018/19, and with the Chief Executive of the PFA saying that it seems more than likely the season is going to finish behind closed doors, it’s clear to see that the club could lose out on a big source of income if the season gets finished behind closed doors, and if that proves to be the case, how are we going to get that money back to pay the players?

And with the club in the financial situation that it is, we could find ourselves in a very precarious position when this is all said and done. Let’s just hope that they’ve got a good contingency plan in place.

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