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Report: Major problems abroad could provide another twist in the Jude Bellingham saga

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Either way you look at it, the tables and the story have completely changed direction when it comes to his future.

According to a report in German outlet Bild, Borussia Dortmund might not be able to bring in Jude Bellingham this summer after all. As the German side deal with the financial impact of football in its current state, they may be in a position where they have to sell first in order to buy.

And if other clubs are having the same financial problems that they are supposedly having, then the knock-on effect could put an end to any chance of the 16-year-old moving to Germany in the summer.

This could offer up a potential door for Manchester United to re-enter the fray, given that they make so much money outside of gate receipts that they won’t be too hardly hit by this whole behind closed doors scenario for a while, although depending on how things go during next season, things might change, giving them the incentive to get the deal done this summer rather than holding off on it.

What does this mean for Birmingham City though if the deal falls through?

Should the club turn the Bellingham transfer saga into a bidding war, even at this late stage?





Given our financial situation, both in the boardroom and when it comes to people through the turnstiles, we’re in a situation where we could probably do with the money now rather than hold on to our investment for another year.

Whilst his value may go up if he carries on at the rate he is on the pitch, will it be enough to offset what will be the best part of a year’s worth of financial insecurity based on the lack of fans at St Andrew’s?

What about you? What do you make of this new update surrounding Bellingham’s future?

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