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Report: Key former Blue gives this insight into Jude Bellingham’s potential next destination

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Jude Bellingham’s next move should be dictated by one thing and one thing only according to this one man.

It’s no secret that Bellingham is hot property right now, with Manchester United and Borussia Dortmund both in a seemingly never-ending bidding war for his services. As a result, where, if anywhere, he goes in the summer still isn’t clear.

Speaking to The Mirror, former youth development coach at St Andrew’s Sam Manoochehri said that one key factor should be what makes up the 16-year-old’s mind when and if he decides to make the move away from the club:

“He’s got to where he is at the minute coming through the whole Birmingham City program so there should be no rush to move on. I’ve got no doubt in my mind that Jude will play in the Champions League and he will represent England at senior level.”

In my mind, and this is something that I’ve touched on before, if we as fans want what’s best for him when and if he leaves the club, I think that Dortmund is the only choice for him, purely because I think he’ll have a more settled life in Germany than he would in Manchester.

Given the situation at Old Trafford right now, where you don’t know how long Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is going to last, there’s just far too much instability possible at Manchester United. Although they have a history of working well with young players, the insecurity around the boss there just makes me think his career would be set for a state of flux.

Do you care which club Jude goes to if he were to leave?





Whereas with Dortmund, they have a proven track record of stability in the dugout as well as developing young players into world-class athletes, so you get a little bit from column A and a little from column B, that way if he does come back to us at some point in the future (lord hoping that we get promoted and can afford to), we’ll be getting a decent player rather than someone like any of the failed products at Manchester United.

What about you? Where would you rather Bellingham went, when and if he does leave?

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