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Report: Brian Dick’s manager update shows the Blues might be shooting themselves in the foot

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I wouldn’t even consider it a case of another one biting the dust.

Because that would imply that there was an actual chance of it becoming a reality, but according to a claim from Blues journalist Brian Dick, it was highly unlikely to get off the ground.

After Pep Clotet’s announcement on Monday that he was going to leave the club at the end of the campaign, there has been plenty of speculation as to who is going to be the next man to take the role, and one of the names being mentioned is former Fulham boss Slavisa Jokanovic.

The Serbian certainly fits the apparent job description, having taken both Watford and Fulham to the Premier League, the latter of which taking them over when they were 18th in the table, so he certainly knows how to do it the hard way.

Speaking during a Q&A for Birmingham Live though, Dick more or less put an end to any sort of notion that the Serb would be making his way to St Andrew’s any time soon, for one pretty simple reason:

“I think the club would like Jokanovic but he’d need buying out of a lucrative contract in Qatar and would require what I think would be the biggest salary ever handed to a Blues manager.”

Should the Blues be looking to reappoint a former boss this summer?





The board simply cannot remain this ambitious when it comes to the club’s future, yet at the same time be hesitant when it comes to handing out money.

Whilst I hold out some hope that the club will actually back the new manager, if this is the kind of thing that is likely to happen when it comes to the search, then I believe we need to set our expectations low, or at the very least, somewhat less exotic.

What about you? Do you think the club are limiting themselves when it comes to their targets because of their unwillingness to properly finance it?

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  • Rob says:

    The board will upto there silly games again and employ a nobody manager . They will get us hyped up and they drop a big bomb shell on us from a great height . Why cant they just cash in and get hell out of brum

  • Joe johal says:

    The board has to go they will hype us all up again they cannot be trusted trust me they won’t give any transfer money and will get a second class manager again I feel for all bluenose so this is to the board get out of brum

    • Chris says:

      When have the board NOT provided funds for transfers?, I can’t believe these comments, how the hell do you think we got in trouble with ffp?, it was because they went mad and spent money they shouldn’t have 2 years ago, and last summer we weren’t allowed to spend money thanks to the EFL and their anti Blues behaviour. I’m not a fan of our current owners but one thing you can’t say is that they’ve never provided funds ffs.

  • Wallyb says:

    The board got their fingers burnt with “Arry so any new manager will not have full control. Can’t see us getting a decent manager who will accept a position like that. We need new owners before we get a new manager then we can think ahead.

    • Ijaz says:

      The problem is the board. You cannot just keep replacing manager after manager and expect everything to magically work. There is no continuity and no long term planning. We are continually switching between tippy tappy and agricultural. The board are interfering too much and no decent manager will work with such a board.

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