Date: 8th June 2020 at 10:51am
Written by: Mark Day

I don’t think there are any better words to describe this than ‘bombshell’.

Like literally, was anybody really expecting this to come out, especially at this time of the season? It’s not as if there were any hints coming our way either?

In a stunning turn of events for Birmingham City, the Blues announced this morning that Blues boss Pep Clotet is to step down at the end of the current campaign, with the club saying he is doing it so that he can “explore other coaching opportunities.”

Just last week I had written that the moves that the club were making were in my view a sign of a much larger plan in place, with the idea of it finally being moved on from Garry Monk’s team to the Spaniard, now though, we are left with a lot more questions as to what the future of Birmingham City holds.

I’m not even sure if it can be seen as a good thing that Clotet and the club have announced it at this stage of the season. Whilst we’re in a pretty comfortable position when it comes to the league table, not challenging for the top, and not in a relegation battle either, it’s not as if we have to focus on this whilst in the midst of some larger issue.

But at the same time, what does this do for the rest of the season?

Has Clotet been a good head coach overall for the Blues?





I’ve spoken before about how the last few weeks needed to be focused on getting things ready for next season, but what it the point in having Clotet in charge and playing his way, when the new boss could come in and completely rip things up and start again.

Overall, I think it’s the timing of this news that has got me scratching my head the most, rather than the actual news itself.

What about you? What do you make of this news?

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2 Replies to “Report: Blues plans for the end of the season rocked as Pep Clotet announces his departure”

  • Dont think he was that highly regarded to tell the you the truth and seemed to be too much of a yes man to boot.For me he did not have the courage of his convictions and that is always a bad sign but I dont know if anyone thinks the same but is this a way of the board disguising the Sack. Dont know how much of a part he played into getting Hogan at the Club, if it was down to him entirely then that was his best moment. What worries me more is WHO IS GOING TO BE THE NEW MANAGER/COACH not Craig Gardner I hope.

    • I think judging by Brian Dick and Tom Ross’s comments today, they want someone with promotion experience, so that rules out Gardner

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