Date: 9th September 2019 at 3:51pm
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[ Written By Mitchell Bray ] 

During the dark days of Carsen Yeung and the precarious situation that faced Blues as a viable club and its very existence – TTA and Ernst&Young stepped in.

Panos Pavlakis led from the front and slowly we avoided the black hole. All in the past I readily acknowledge, but there were a few occasions when it made fans like myself reflect on what might have been.

Days before TTA arrived I escorted a visitor from Millersville University in Pennsylvania who had keenly followed our troubles and had never visited our great City. He stood on the viewing floor at the top of the new Birmingham Library and was amazed at what he saw,notably the Alexander Stadium, NIA, Warwickshire Cricket Club with its venue for World Cricket, Priory Tennis Club with its prestigious arena for World Tennis,and of course the great Broad Street with the hall of fame names underfoot.

What struct him was the puzzle why nobody had snapped up our football club and turned it into a Manchester City or similar. For him the City had everything except a top football club worthy of the great name – Birmingham City.

Monetary wise it would have been a steal. Today we still ask the questions as to why we are not ‘fancied’, and it is hard to understand. What I personally feel is that one day some cartel will recognise this potential and make our famous city a great football club that fans deserve but more importantly what the city of Birmingham should have.

Looking at the plights of Bolton and Bury we should feel grateful for the likes of TTA for coming in when they did,but the bigger picture is that Birmingham City Football Club should be a vastly sought after investment with unlimited potential.

Surely if an American from Philadelphia can instantly spot it-then why cannot the money moguls get it.

Mitchell Bray

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