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Recent spate of injuries could force Blues into changes, and the answer isn’t clear – Opinion

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It’s something that I’d hope we wouldn’t be discussing so soon in the season.

But with the injuries that seem to be mounting up, particularly around the centre-back position with Jake Clarke-Slater and Marc Roberts being the latest victims, and with the January transfer window looming towards us, I feel it’s time that we had a talk about something that’s crucial to a squad, and that’s strength in depth.

I spoke recently about how I feel the club should turn to the young players to fill the gaps as it were when we go through an injury crisis like this, and whilst I have faith in some of the players to make the step up, particularly Jack Concannon, that’s only really for cameo appearances, but giving them license to play full games is something completely different.

If you take a look at the Blues squad, they are pretty well stacked in most positions, with the exception of right-back and defensive midfield, but what should the plan be if those positions, or indeed any other go through a similar crisis that the centre-backs are going through?

In that situation, do you think that the club needs to use the academy to fill the holes throughout the squad and only really buy in January if there is a major disaster at one of the positions? Or do you think that filling the team with the young players at this stage would be asking too much of them too early in their careers and the club should invest in some senior, more experienced players?

Whilst the club is in a bit of limbo at the moment, not really close enough to either the top six or the relegation zone to be worrying about being in a fight for anything, I still think that the club should put some faith in the academy players, not just to help us out now, but to give them the experience that will help them in the future.

What does the first team need more of in your view?





What about you? What are your views on the matter?

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