Date: 14th January 2020 at 8:00am
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I think it’s time we had a real talk about this player.

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be another Lee Camp out post, I’m sure there will be plenty of time to discuss him at points further down the line.

In light of his recent red card against Luton Town, as well as some rumours surrounding his future, I feel like it’s worth discussing whether or not we should be keeping hold of club captain Harlee Dean. I’m not going to come down on one side or the other in the matter, I’m going to let you guys fight it out.

According to Vital Charlton, the South London club have submitted a £1.9m bid for the defender, and whilst I don’t expect the club to accept that offer, given how much money the club need to find by the end of the year, who knows, they may not be given much of a choice in the matter.

When you also consider, that following his suspension earlier in the year following the game against Cardiff City, he was initially left out of the side when he came back, and only due to an injury to Marc Roberts against Millwall did he manage to get his place back, so Pep Clotet did show that being the captain doesn’t necessarily mean that he will start every game, and that he can be replaced if he thinks other players are up to it.

Those two actions to me signal that Dean is very much someone that the club could be set to lose in this January transfer window, whether it be because of financial reasons or tactical ones.

Should the club move on from Dean in one way or another?





Do you think that letting Dean leave is an option that the club could be pursuing, or do you believe that the captain still has plenty to give the club, and should be kept at all costs?

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8 Replies to “Recent developments mean that key Birmingham City player could be forced to move on – Debate”

  • We are short on centre backs anyway so why are we talking about dean leaving ..this club is beginning to sound like the royal family ..Come On since when did we give up on a team ….and since when did we listen to whinging managers or boards .come on we need a striker and a keeper the owners have bottled out in the previous window we cannot except it in this window ..get going bluenoses get behind the team ..and start to steam …KRO

    • Nothing to do with Dean but does anyone think sunjic is poor/average gardener is far better on the ball and anyone can kick people. If you look back at his overall performance in most games he can’t pass to a blue shirt unless the other team is in blue. He makes mistake in the defensive third constantly? Am I missing something?

  • Definitely not he is a gritty honest player and we need his leadership qualities,sort a keeper out and I striker, but I think the board are clueless as is Clotet KRO.

  • I know we are short of centerbacks but if we can get someone in even on loan then let him go for around 2.5m. Not been same player this season.

  • I’m sick to the fuckin teeth off the bullshit bollock’s at what’s going on at a club I love. Give me the job. Real man from the real world. Every think is wrong here. The wrong man is not the man to take this club anywhere. Build a team around the gift from the heaven’s Jude b.there are so many problem’s that I see. Can’t understand why other’s can’t see. It will take one solve this a brummie I love this club and it Blow’s my head on what’s going on. The player’s need somebody who they don’t know instead off all the’s clown’s out there. Key defence player’s should never have been off loaded a garden knome in goal is a joke. How can you keep putting somebody in goal who Leak’s goal’s like he does. I could go on all nite. I swear to god I would love this job it’s how you come across to people. Win is the only word I know. It’s all I would want. Since 2011 we have done sweet f.a. not even beat the crap over the rd. It’s not the same.any more. When mike Tyson before he graced the canvas. The fight was won before a punch was thrown. Fear. That’s my point. We are not and it’s that and other thing’s that need’s to be put into player’s. Apart from one. Plz plz don’t enroll another clown. Brummie is the only cure to this sinking ship. Owner’s let me speak to you here me out plz. K.R.O. blue power

  • The defense has not been organised since Monk left end of, letting Morrison go was a big mistake as we were much better with him

    • Tracey dear your bang on the button. Letting Morrison go was massive mistake but there’s been many over the yr’s.and still it carry’s on. When Bruce came 1st thing was defense Dan’s and Johnson. Where brill. The understanding between them where 1st class. We lack in a manager big time. Us brummie’s are special everybody see’s what need’s to be done. But you won’t get it ever with the journey clown’s out there.they come they tell us what a big club we are and more bullshit. We know that. To love a club it has to flow in your body threw every vain. I’m afraid every manager we appoint they don’t have what every brummie has. It’s money hood winking the real people. They don’t give two shit’s about us. Other wise we would not be in the shit we are.That’s why the only person to do this is a brummie it’s the only answer. A man from the real world.and not one they live in. K.R.O Blue power.

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