Date: 29th September 2017 at 12:07pm
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Steve Cotterill – new Blues manager. Although this may seem to some a solid appointment, I’m underwhelmed.

He helped us survive at the end of last season and we thank him for that, but moving forward is he really the man to push us to the top?

I’m just not convinced, but I’ll get right behind him of course.

I just feel that the club have gone round in circles over the past year and we’ve ended up with someone that I wouldn’t have put in the same bracket as someone like Gary Rowett when he was at the club – it all points back to that crucial moment in my opinion, sacking Rowett.

What I will say though, is that this appointment will hopefully stabilise us a bit with the help of Lee Carsley at Cotterill’s side.

The talk of promotion this season has clearly slowed down so the owners have opted for someone that could possibly get us prepared for it.

The only other thing is – who else would have came in once Aitor Karanka rejected the role?

Perhaps Blues felt that there was no other choice and Cotterill is a man that they can trust to a certain extent.

Let’s see how it goes, I certainly hope I’m proved wrong.


10 Replies to “Reaction: Cotterill appointed Blues manager”

  • Cotterill and Carsley is as good as its gets.Feel better to have these two as opposed to some foreign import.Whatever the disastrous past twelve months has thrown up- our sole purpose this season is one of survival.

  • Yes I am underwhelmed also. Not sure why there is so much hype by Blues fans concerning Cotterill? He is 53 and only had success in League 1. I’m also surprised LC is going to be his assistance after stating the next manager needs to have experience in Championship promotions. Really hope this doesn’t mess up LC’s development, although you can learn a lot about yourself during a bad situation. So we have gone from a manager with Premier League experience to one with only Championship failure to date. Can’t see how that is progress other than short-term (difficult team to beat) stability, which is what we had with Rowett as Luke suggests. I’m also confused to what the board actually want now?

  • Bluessince1980.This is all a new ball game now.Gone has the Prem.aspirations and the barmy hype. Cotterill is here to bully us through to 50 points.Really is as simple as that.Just recap on the players brought in- Ndoye ,Lowe,Dean,Colin,Roberts,Loanees etc.Did we honestly think this is it.Myself,I am sad to say did fall for it. Now is reality time and grinding out results is what we are about.Hopefully our league one capture can chip in with a few but let’s remember the limited quality we have.Cotterill will consider them all as good players and that’s why he has been installed today.

  • What will be interesting is what funds Cotterill will be given in the next transfer window.My own view on this is that we will be in the hands of new people.Just cannot now see the thrust and thirst for Prem.push.Our owners must feel very let down by Zola and Redknapp and this new managerial appointment smacks of resignation that this dream of getting our club into the premiership is diluting by the week.Sell while we are still in the Championship is probably their aim now but ‘going for it’in Harrys words has imo been erased from their original goal.

  • Ohio firstly my starting position is HR was not given enough time so they shouldn’t feel let down. Personally I think they have bottled it and pressed the panic button. That being said the hype about promotion was more about telling the owners what they wanted to hear as he constantly kept saying the owners are ambitious people in the same sentence as ‘we are going to have a go at it’. He said afterwards he felt he would have built a team capable of promotion probably not this year but next season given enough time. Which is what most Blues fans thought realistically after bringing in so many new players anyway. If he wanted to he could have set us up to be difficult to break down, as Rowett did and LC has since adopted, but he chose not to, instead opting to play on the front foot which is a gamble, but with the intentions of building to be an established prem team. You may be right about the owners giving up on prem football as I don’t see how SC will deliver that. But if that is true they should have told Redknapp to be more cautious in his approach this season instead of pressuring him with their so called ambition. I hope they do sell because they are not football people imo.

  • Bluesince1980.Excellent and thought provoking comments you make.Deep down we are all reeling from the past events post Rowett.Whichever way we look at it Harry was our real hope and just the spark we were looking for.We felt lucky and fortunate to have him and the summer gave us an incredible buzz that we had not had since the Carling Cup.Perhaps if Adams and Jota had been available to Harry then wins would have come.We have to plod on albeit with a heavy heart but hope something happens to bring a little sunshine to our beloved club.

  • This division is just too hard for this squad.Slate the players all we like,they simply cannot compete at his level.Redknapp bought very poorly on top of Zolas lot and this sadly is the result. Fully expect our owners to offload the club well before the new year now.

  • I don’t think you can blame Harry for poor signings in reference to today’s drubbing as 8 of the players who played today were what he inherited and 6 of them were Rowett’s signings. By the look at it LC went back to Rowett style counter attacking football again today, unfortunately it doesn’t work when you concede first. HR got stick for criticizing the squad he inherited (imo telling the truth). However, the upside is now he has gone the striker Jukey who started today is enjoying training again; and the keeper who let in 6, is optimistic regarding getting a start !!

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