Date: 15th May 2014 at 11:49am
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Birmingham City keeper Darren Randolph has been speaking to the press about the positives from the last campaign, such as the magnificent support the team were given.

Firstly Randolph considered that the young players in the team would be better off for facing relegation so early in their career. He suggests that the memory of the relegation battle will serve to motivate the players to not be in that position again. He may be right; motivation and attitude are certainly a big part of a player`s talent. But as memory serves, players who tend to flaunt with relegation eventually suffer it, they may not be cut out for that level.

Following those comments Randolph then spoke about the support the team was given. The evidence was there for all to see coming to the end of the season. The fans turned out in force and sang from start to finish in the games against Bolton and Wigan, trying to urge on their team. Do fans really influence match results? My head says no, my heart says yes. That 2011 final tells me to trust my heart.

“they are still there week after week after week and it is more than a football club to them, it is their life, and you get that sense from speaking to them.

I feel compelled to include this last comment.

I would just like to thank them for continuing to stand behind us all season.

So are these young players now better off having been through a relegation battle? And do you feel fans can influence a result?

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