Date: 12th December 2017 at 10:54pm
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Birmingham City return to St.Andrew’s this weekend hoping to turn their fortunes around as they take on Queens Park Rangers.

The visiting side are just six points above Blues in the table and are also just three places outside of the relegation zone, which is filled by Blues, Sunderland and Burton Albion.

Blues are looking to make it two wins out of two on their own patch of haven and with their away form really letting them down in the league at the moment, picking up points in games around them is crucial, and not just for the spirit of the team.

Vital Birmingham sources have revealed to us that should Blues lose this weekend, it may well be the final nail in the coffin for Steve Cotterill as Blues manager.

Although there are contrary reports that suggest Cotterill will be given longer than the previous three managers who have all failed before him, Gary Rowett, Gianfranco Zola and Harry Redknapp, but how long remains to be seen.

It may well turn out to be the make it or break it game for the former Bristol City manager.

Many pundits go on about how managers aren’t given enough time to prove themselves in a managerial post so I am willing to give Cotterill a little bit more time but I fear for him and the players if they start poorly on Saturday afternoon.

When Blues came out sluggishly on last Saturday against Fulham, the atmosphere quickly turned sour, especially in the second half, so the players need to come out fighting, a bit like they did at the back end of last season when they were fighting for survival.

Blues were so well placed at this point last season but with a much worse squad which is why everyone is struggling to come to terms with why we are where we are in the league, but the players just are showing how much the care at the minute.

It is all well and good saying it after the game to the select few number of fans who stayed behind to confront them but their actions speak louder than words so they really need to buck their ideas up.

Do your talking on the pitch! Entertain the fans and keep your manager in a job.

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3 Replies to “QPR – The make or break game for Steve Cotterill”

  • Steve is a bit like Clarke he does things that fans see as daft , I mean who would play a tall striker on the wing who is good in the air and is not good at crossing the ball ..with a system whereby one striker is up front , you would have to be a excellent crosser to pick a player out that is well marked by tall centre backs,, he is a pretty good dribbler but his passing aint so sods law says he should stay in the middle…what happened to managers who bought a player for special positions , I think managers should be banned from using touchline pencils as they are dangerous weapons ….you don’t need pencils if you sign good all round players….

  • Anyone with half a brain can see we have an unbalanced squad, and if the owners are expecting the manager to make this work then sadly they know nothing about sport never mind football.
    So we pay the manager off and bring in another manager to try and put his playing style and tactics over to exactly the same players? If that sounds like the right thing to do then I must be walking around on the wrong planet.
    Give him the chance to bring in a few players of his own and hopefully get some balance and creativity, which wont be easy as any player with ability is not likely to sign for a club in the bottom three unless its fore the money and he has a get out clause if we get relegated. So that leaves us with young hopefuls or over the hill players after a last pay packet.

    When we talk about effort, care and passion I don’t think we can say this is lacking in our players, but confidence is at rock bottom. Anyone who competes needs confidence regardless of the competition or game, and without it you are only 70%-80% effective. The combination of work ethics and organisation came from Steve at the end of last season and the confidence came from Harry. If Steve had joined him as number 2 we would have a different story now

    Harry just signed whoever he could get at the price he was willing to pay regardless of whether we needed them, so the main weaknesses of the squad were not addresses and the other areas that were ok are now overloaded so its a mess and extremely difficult for any manager to work out the best way of making them effective as a unit.

    So I say hold the axe back until Steve has had a chance to bring in some players of his own, and at least more time to work with the players he has inherited. If it doesn’t show signs of improvement by the end of Feb then just maybe start sharpening the ax, but for now give the bloke a chance as even Rowett had a better squad than this when he took over.

  • Our owners do not think the way we do regarding Cotterill.They will have already decided his fate whether we win,draw or lose on Saturday. That’s the way they operate.

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