Date: 20th October 2019 at 8:00pm
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Whilst not unexpected with the slender defeat at Leeds United yesterday, the pressure is now on for Birmingham City to gain a favourable result against Blackburn Rovers on Tuesday night.

Four defeats in the last five games doesn’t look good, but the signs are there for a team going forward on the front foot. We do look more energetic going on the attack, as clearly shown against Middlesbrough, and this does bring hope for the majority of the season.

However, we do struggle with the centre forwards with Jutkiewicz and Gimenez not really potent. No blame I will quickly point out, as Jutkiewicz works unbelievably hard and Gimenez does his best. But the truth is we simply do not have quality strikers. Laboured and predictable, we have to accept.

Pep Clotet has to use what he has and shuffling the attacking pack is not easy. Who is there that can take the chances and sniff out the goals? Perhaps the addition of McEachran might spark something and provide an end product that we urgently need, with Bellingham and Crowley linking in.

My feeling is that Blackburn and Luton will be true tests of Clotet’s measure. He needs to work out a formula for not getting beaten over these two games but also to keep the attack on the go like the Middlesbrough game. We need to get to the twenty point mark over the next three games.

Sunjic suspension doesn’t help and who to bring in is the big question. Lots of permutations available to our Head Coach and McEachran appears a favourite choice for supporters I have spoken to, and there is a case for David Davis as well. Gary Gardner is another option but injury may rule him out after limping off against Leeds.

Whatever is decided will get supported this coming week at St. Andrews as always. What we really look for is that bit of sharpness in front of goal that is missing. Have we got it in our ranks is the key issue. Crowley for me with Maghoma and Jutkiewicz is my preferred option. Not ideal, but as we inch forward to the next window then that will have to do.

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10 Replies to “Pressure back on for Blues against Blackburn”

  • Another bad choice of team by Clot…..Should have just played either Juke or Gimenez on their own instead of both and put in a extra midfielder or Maghoma on Wing as we had no width yet again. Gimenez and Juke together is just is not working 4 goals between them even at this early stage of the season is not good. Would try Seddon as Winger myself as he will track back as well and as I said just play just one of our strikers??? and although I am no great fan I think Davis will get the Sunjic role, also noted that Trueman was back for the Under 23s so would like to see him on the bench at least. Blackburn will be dangerous especially Dack who I do rate very highly

    • I take it you weren’t at the game on Saturday cos Blues played really well but came up against a very resolute defence, their goal came from a mistake by Bellingham which kind of knocked the stuffing out of us. Overall we didn’t deserve to lose but that’s football. I don’t know what difference you think Truman would have been, Camp made some really good saves and he saved us from losing by more. I personally don’t think Davis and Maghoma will be at the club much longer.

  • Wrong team selected bt Clot again, should have gone with just one of our prolific strikers????? and put in a extra midfielder or better still Maghoma out wide, no width again or bite in midfield and we just did not stamp our authority on the match, very depressing after the Middlesborough effort. Guess Davis will get the Sunjic role and I would go with Seddon out wide as he will track back too, just one Striker.

  • Strikers are rare beasts at most clubs.They all search for the perfect combo.At Blues as Tracey Tyler says Juke and Gimenez fall very short. We have no natural goal getter.We do have to make do with what we have and hope some lethal guy can be snapped up in the next window. Perhaps Montero who has pace may be a punt now.Otherwise we must get Crowley and co. getting in lots of target practise at Wast Hills.There is not a great deal to mend at the moment,just this poor less than one goal per game column.

  • Paying the penalty for poor recruitment. We all knew the priority was for a striker to replace Che. Instead we went for midfielders and second grade Spanish players. Apparently blatantly obvious to everyone apart from Clot. If we can’t put any pressure on the opposition defences we will be spending the rest of the season avoiding relegation (as usual).

  • I am a Season ticket holder and go to every Home game and stream the away games so I think I have a right to my opinion Chris, for a start Camp has cost us a lot of points over the last couple of Seasons end of and that was not a great performance at Leeds

    • Well if you go to all the home games Tracey you would have been there against Boro when we played the best football we’ve played in years, Pep kept faith in those players against Leeds. I was there on Saturday and we DID play very well, streaming the game is not the same as being there. While I agree that Camp has cost us goals he’s also made some crucial saves and tbh I really don’t think Truman is the answer, it’s always highlighted when a goalie makes mistakes but the players in front of him have made far too many also.

  • Interesting to read Almajir comments this morning. Sliding down the table might trigger a response for our owners. They want upward movement and four defeats out of the last five now does put pressure on Clotet. Obviously two home games may change all of that providing it is favourable. Problem is that all of us know that without a potent striker we are always going to struggle. Both Tracey and Chris make good points but Middlesbrough game needs repeating for Blackburn and Luton. Not easy for Clotet and he needs help from the likes of Crowley and Bellingham to hit the net. Maghoma also needs to get into the box more.

  • I am a realist and yes while we did play well and win against Middlesborough they were not the best of teams tbh, on a par with Stoke who were very poor, personally I think our best performances of the Season so far considering the standard of the opposition was our first home game against Bristol City and the away game at Charlton and Derby second half. I would love to see us up there challenging the Top 6 places but we are a little too inconsistent at the moment due to the lack of a genuine Striker and the lack of goals from midfield

  • With four out of the last five games ending in defeats and scoring less than a goal per game,we are already looking down the table. No point in thinking upwards as it isn’t realistic.Tomorrow looks a similar pattern with the odd goal predicted. Hopefully in our favour.

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