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Potential Clotet u-turn comes down to the results of the final games

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Tomorrow, all Birmingham City fans will be focused on our first league game since football locked down against West Brom.

Eagerly awaited and hopeful for a bit of joy in the manner of points. We need a local derby win and this time around, and behind closed doors, we just could break this barren sequence. What I do feel and obviously is my opinion, is that should Blues flourish and notch up a fair number of wins in these remaining games, then would either the Blues Board want to keep Pep Clotet and try to persuade him to stay, or, would it be Clotet himself who would have a change of heart?

As regards the new appointment, if it definitely goes ahead, it will in my view not be for a while.

With this announcement that our Manager would be leaving at the end of the season, it didn’t feel right and a couple of weeks down the line – it still doesn’t. Time will tell but I am not convinced a new Manager will arrive should Blues come out of the traps tomorrow and start winning games at a fair rate.

Should we get within touching distance of sixth spot after the remaining nine games, then maybe minds on both sides could have a re-think.

There is a universal thread running through the club based on talented youth players and integrating them into first team squad players. Provided they have the talent then fast tracking them is really good and what the supporters buy into. Clotet appears good at this and no doubt enjoys this role of working with the younger players as opposed to recruiting old hands.

Bellingham going is inevitable but understandable, but Clotet has a clutch of players breaking through and with the expected return of Steve Seddon from Portsmouth, then it would be tempting to reconsider leaving at the seasons end.

All depends of course as to how these nine games pan out and what position in the league we finish. Tomorrow The Hawthorns should hold little fear for our players and with five substitutes to actually set foot on the pitch – then let youth play a major role.

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  • Jonno says:

    It’s quite clear from Pep’s comment that he’s leaving because as the fans know, the board interfere and Pep hasn’t got full control of team matters

  • Brian vaughan says:

    If clotet decided to go and wasn’t pushed its clear its because he knows whats coming and that he he knows he wont be able to do it again .probably no money for new signing even to replace those who have gone and are said to be going any money going to china loans and kids what i have seen of them they are not good enough so clotet is getting out while he can i think we are in big trouble

  • Wallyb says:

    Sadly the only solution might be to get relegated and the Chinese put the club on the market. The board are a festering sore . As for a finish in the top half of the table “hope springs eternal”!!

  • WayCoolBlue says:

    Pep Clotet has a new Job that is why he is leaving he has not been pushed it has nothing to do with what is coming or happening. There is nothing untoward going on. No conspiracy
    No drama No dramatics.he wants to leave because he as what he considers a better Job!! why is that so hard to believe????


  • Ijaz says:

    The decision has come from the board and NOT Pep. They wanted us to be playing passing football and playoffs. He hasn’t achieved any of the goals so they will replace him. Great spin on takings. Personal project indeed. A proper manager next please.

  • Phill says:

    Quicker he goes the better.. Christ we are lucky to be 16th. Never seen such boring football.

  • DRM says:

    Get the owners out get someone to buy the blues who knows the game and just not taking the money.Why let a very good manager go what they have done before (Gary Rowett)comes to mind .

  • Royal_blue says:

    Pep leaving for whatever reason shows that the owners don’t have any sort of medium let alone a long term plan. It’s being made up as they go along. The club isn’t going anywhere exciting (except a relegation battle) until the owners either leave or bring in experienced advisors that they will listen to. I would love the club to be owned by the fans like Bournemouth did many years ago when they were in trouble and look where they are now.

  • tracey tyler says:

    Play offs were remit,not reached,end of,Pep was given the boot,whos next nobody knows

  • Charles says:

    Bigger issue is the forthcoming Bellingham transfer fee. We will never know the true transfer value and we will never see any meaningful investment. They have tried to get the club promoted a few times with decent money for Zola and Redknapp but I feel they will cut their losses and bank the Bellingham money. Should they sell then it might go for a tempting low figure. Until they sell it will be young players entering the fray.

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