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Pointless even trying to fathom out this latest Blues charade

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For not the first time in a turbulent past few years, Birmingham City supporters will be feeling totally at sea with what on earth is going on at our club.

No matter what views we have had in the past, what debates we have had over team selections and player signings etc we are now entering new territory.

The reality for most is how on earth we have a club that is surviving and even carrying on trading. This week’s financial figures are bewildering and unfathomable. Experts in financial trading and spreadsheets would, I imagine, find this new mind-boggling set of accounts challenging.

On the pitch, matters have certainly taken a back seat this week with most Bluenoses just hoping and praying we have a football left at the end of the season. What I find uneasy and it is purely my view, is the way we have got to this state of financial mayhem. We are talking telephone numbers of debt with little hope of transfers likely to help the cause. Something and somewhere there is an agenda and I do not know what it is.

Again this is my opinion and I have to be careful. Gut feelings sometimes mean something. My hope like all supporters is that we do survive all this and get the club on an even keel. As we are, we certainly look bereft of financial bailouts and hope for stability. Nothing can be explained so very little point in trying to even understand this dreadful plight.

As that great stalwart of earlier decades, Tony Butler, used to say ‘get your prayer mats out’. Might be whimsical but worth a go.

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