Date: 19th July 2020 at 10:00am
Written by: Mark Day

Well, there isn’t going to be a better time to prove yourself than next week is there?

Blues fell on the road to Preston North End this afternoon, but results elsewhere in the division mean that we will have to go into the final game of the season needing just a point (barring a major swing in terms of goal difference) in order to stay in the division.

It’s something that has left a lot of blues fans with a sense of déjà vu seeing as we tend to leave these things down to the last day of the season, but they aren’t the only ones.

Speaking after the game, Blues caretaker head coach Steve Spooner once again expressed his anger at the team’s display, with the club now on a run of 14 games without a win in all competitions.

“I’m fed up having to keep going over the same old things. To go and concede a goal so close to half-time in that manner is the same old, same old.”

Will we stay up?





And fans were quick to join in and express their anger at the situation as well.

What about you? What do you make of Spooner’s comments?

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7 Replies to ““Players need to be held accountable”- Some Blues fans left angry following Spooner’s comments”

  • we need a point to confirm that we stay up or all below us lose . So give the a players a free roam of the pitch and hope for the best

    • As far as I’m concerned he can play a 9-0-1 system on Wednesday, JUST KEEP A CLEAN SHEET. Our club is a total embarrassment to this league, we need a damn good clear out from top to bottom. Any fan saying maybe we’d be better off getting relegated just look at Sunderland, Ipswich, Portsmouth and Bolton and ask them if they were better off being relegated, look how long it’s taken Coventry to get back in the Championship. If we went down I think it would total disaster and it would take years for us to recover, that’s if we ever did recover.

  • Maybe if we are relegated it will be the kick up the backside we need. Fed up with lame excuses. We need to get a decent manager in as soon as possible.
    We wish Bellingham all the best but now is a time for the kids to show what they can do. Drop Dean, Hogan, Bela, and give the new kids a go. They can’t do worse than this team.

  • Club is a shambles from Top to Bottom, going exactly the same way as Bolton,Portsmouth and Sunderland,same mistakes Throw money at getting into the Premier, sacking Managers,surviving by skin of the teeth until the luck runs out, disgrace but they still expect us loyal fans to keep buying season tickets, well this is not a good way to do that.

  • No Plan,Sheffield United were in League 1 5 or 6 seasons ago but they devised a Plan Stuck to it and have seen it through,likewise Brentford but no Birmingham went own the kamikaze rout of throwing Money they could ill afford and buy there way into the Land of Milk and Honey, sack descent Managers and are now we are seeing the folly of all of this,skint,half descent players with no motivation,playing like a Park Team..I love Blues the same as the next but we deserve to go down just on performances both on and off the Field,its a disgrace to all our loyal supporters

  • If we stay up we will just have the same problems next year unless the ownership / CEO issues are resolved. Ren needs to be booted out, a CEO with experience of English football needs to be installed and a long term plan created. These things will almost certainly not all happen.
    We are not a football club to the owners, we are simply the tool that allows them to keep their H.K. Stock Exchange listing. They don’t have enough money to invest, and they can’t sell us, so anyone looking forward to a rosy future is going to be very disappointed.

  • It breaks my heart to see the demise of our beloved Birmingham City. The way the club is being run, and the apparent disregard towards the fan base is for me the underlying reason we are where we are. The way Pep left the club was a PR disaster, no wonder the players are demotivated. REN needs to go, we need a Team Manager, Coach call him what you like that is allowed to have control of all team affairs including recruitment. REN should be banned from having an office at the training ground, he’s undermining the coaches and players, your role as CEO is to drive the club forward financially and improve the professional image of the club. But in my opinion you fall well short of what is required and what we need.

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