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Pep refuses to bow to pressure from the fans, believes he can turn things around – Opinion

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Pep Clotet isn’t giving up hope just yet.

Despite going through a bit of a rough patch in terms of results, the Blues boss believes that he can turn things around over the course of the season. Speaking in his press conference yesterday, he said that he has full faith from the board and that overcoming the struggles are an important part of how the season will play out:

“No, no, I put myself under increasing pressure to win because I think we have the ability in this club to not only bounce back – to turn results. Stoke at home, we were close to completely turning the result at Derby. I don’t feel any kind of pressure from the club or any part of it – we are all very aware where we come from, all the work we had to put in the summer, how the situation was. It’s a long league, 46 games, every team has set-backs, challenges like this, it’s about how we overcome them.”

This is where I am going to come and defend Pep. As I have been saying in recent days, the performances recently have been good, it’s just these sloppy mistakes against Wigan Athletic and Derby County that have been letting us down.

We have shown in other games that we have the ability to turn things around if we find ourselves up against the wall, and that we can pull off results against teams that are doing much better than us in the table. We’ve just been going through a rough stretch at the moment, and as the saying goes ‘this will all even itself out over the course of the season’.

We just need to have some faith in the players that were doing so well earlier in the season to bounce back. Hopefully this is just a blip rather than the norm.

What about you? Do you think that Pep can turn things around sooner rather than later? Or do you think that that ship has already sailed?

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