Date: 30th August 2019 at 7:30am
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I like Pep Clotet, I really do.

I think he’s a breath of fresh air, he comes across as very knowledgeable, and he’s brought in some players that I think could make Birmingham a very good side in this division. Not quite challenging for promotion yet, but certainly pushing towards the upper end.

However, even I can see that there are occasions that he doesn’t help himself.

Speaking in his press conference yesterday, Clotet spoke about how important the home form was going to be.

“We want to put things right after Sunday, it is important we put things right at home, home is going to be crucial for us, if we win on Saturday it is a huge three points. Our support at home has always been fantastic, when we are together, the fans & the team, we are strong.”

That’s all well and good, but you have to be able to produce away from home as well, and that means going on the front foot on occasion.

We simply aren’t going to be able to rely on our home form this season, we are going to have to do much better away from St Andrew’s. If you send the team out with the mentality of trying not to lose, against a team who is trying to win then you just aren’t going to be able to match them.

If you press a team properly you might actually spring a surprise, get a goal and force them to panic. If you sit back and let them come at you, then you’re just accepting defeat before kick-off. Playing such negative football away from home isn’t going to get this club anywhere.

Birmingham got incredibly lucky in their first game of the season away at Brentford, scoring not only with their only shot on target, but their only shot at all. Things slightly picked up in terms of statistics away to Nottingham Forest where the Blues had nine shots overall and two of them were on target. However things came crashing back down to earth on the road at Swansea City where the club were reduced to four shots in total and didn’t manage to get a single one on target.

Whilst he may be looking for games at St Andrew’s to act as a springboard going forward, I think the form away from home needs to be looked at first.

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4 Replies to “Pep Clotet has got his priorities wrong, he needs to fix this first – Opinion”

  • This makes no sense at all. All teams play differently away from home and it’s pretty obvious that should the team be focussed on the games that we are not really expected to win, we will then lose out on the games where we would expect to get something, and in front of a bigger crowd which will have a much bigger impact.

    Win at home ands draw away has always been the statistic required to get promoted but of course you know better don’t you?
    How many points per game do you need to get promoted? and where do you pick up the most?

    Pep has made it clear what we needed away from home and its something that has been missing since the season started but we are now getting these players available do let make judgement when this has at least been tried please.
    We like most teams need to soak up pressure away from home but have players who can break quickly. How did we get points away from home last season and how did teams get points off us at home?

  • I remember when Trevor Francis first came to us as a Manager he said that you need to average 2 points per game to guarantee Promotion from the the Championship ( not through play-offs) which is not far from the truth, so say you win all your Home games that would give you 69 pts leaving you 23 pts short but the likely hood of winning all your home games is pretty remote so that would mean getting more than the 23 away points needed to reach that figure and you dont have to be a genius to work out that you NEED to win quite a few away games to achieve that feat and negativity will not get you there

  • You don’t need to rely on other peoples comments when all you have to do is look at the statistics from when 3 points were awarded for a win. Prior to this you needed 1.5 points per game. The point I made is that the focus and priority should not be on getting points away from home at the moment. Home form is the priority and away points are a bonus.
    At home its about dominating play and being on the front foot. We expect to win and as its in front of our supporters so a lot more to lose if we play badly.
    Away from home its about keeping things tight and nicking something from the game . We are not expected to win and its in front of 1-2k supporters.

    The points we gained on the road last season and indeed any season were mostly where we had less the 35% possession so why do some people think this should change and indeed be the main focus for the team.
    It around 1.2 points per game to stay up so in our situation this has to be the initial priority, and you have a much better chance of achieving this at home.
    Once we have some impact players who can attack quickly you will see better results away from home, but up to now they haven’t been available, so please get this into perspective and have some patience.

  • My comments were based on Promotion ambitions not SURVIVAL, I am quite aware of how many points we need to stay up ie 50 or so …..and away points a bonus ???? really…if we did not pick up any away points we would be relegated

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