Date: 3rd April 2020 at 4:00pm
Written by: Mark Day

Well, I can’t fault him for voicing his opinion.

For some reason though, this guy seems to have taken it to a rather extreme level.

Pep Clotet came out and gave his views on how the season needed to end, and he suggested that the games needed to finish behind closed doors provided that it was safe for both the players and the relevant coaching staff. Which seems like a relatively safe way to do things, seeing as it is a way of avoiding the whole mass gathering things whilst still managing to get football over the finish line.

Are you struggling to cope with there being no real football on?





However, that didn’t seem to be good enough for this supporter, who tore into the Spaniard for his opinion on the matter. Andrew Griffiths seemed to think that playing behind closed doors in any form was a bad idea because of the risk that the players would be in should the games go ahead, and he let his feelings well known.

Do you agree with this guy’s sentiment?

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3 Replies to ““Penny has to drop”, “smell the coffee”- One fan tears into Blues boss after his comments”

  • Supposedly the virus takes 2 weeks to come out so to say that 8 players got it in a single training session is a bit far fetched. The penny obviously hasn’t dropped with this guy that he should keep his opinions to himself until he has the facts, I don’t think Pep wasn’t suggesting that games are played behind closed doors immediately, only if and when safe to do so so as the remaining season can be concluded.

  • I think isolation has become a bit too much for this poor lad. Perhaps a lot of pennies have fallen on his head.

  • If the players and support staff can be tested and proven virus free then I cannot see why the games can’t go ahead. Maybe keep them all in isolation together for a few weeks if they are virus free.
    I’ve heard ideas like a world cup type tournament at St. George’s park over a few weeks to minimise travel .
    Failing that it’s penalties or cricket style Duckworth/Lewis based on form/ expected goals for/against.

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