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Pedersen’s Birmingham ‘winner’ denied – pause for thought

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When Kristian Pedersen blasted the ball into the back of the Millwall net for Birmingham City last night the entire crowd, and players, appeared to accept it without protest. Except of course the referee.

Viewing the so-called foul by Harlee Dean over and over again, it is hard to fathom out what the official actually saw. After all, Dean was sandwiched by three big defenders.

What concerns me is the way the match ended and a point apiece was issued and the game basically forgotten. We cannot alter anything I know, but questions have to be asked of such a strange decision by the referee.

My opinion of this is centred on the ‘bottle’ of the official. For me, it represented zero bottle.

Here we have a hostile crowd, the home team dominating and the away team not having an effort on target until Pedersen slams in the potential winner. Again my opinion, but I question the referee’s strength in awarding the goal or to take the easier way out and pacify the home crowd by spotting the slightest of contact by Harlee Dean.

Looking frame by frame at the incident it does look more of a penalty shout for Dean. This is not about moaning about what might have been, but about fairness and making the simple and correct decisions.

During the past weeks, our team have had penalty claims waived away and some have been very blatant, but last night’s incident, in not awarding a fair goal, is disturbing. Our game away at Middlesbrough where we were denied a winning goal was cruel enough, but this latest act of injustice surpasses even that.

We have no redress on games gone by but we can make our feelings known.

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  • tracey tyler says:

    Hogan should have scored

  • Smithy says:

    Perhaps he should Tracey but the vital decision of denying a perfectly good goal is worrying. Coming off that hostile pitch after awarding an away winner could have been the reason.

    • Roy Smith says:

      There is an old saying, If you can’t stand the heat keep out of the kitchen. Hostile crowds are part of the game, put up with it and do your job or take up refereeing netball.

  • WaycoolBlue says:

    It is being done on purpose in my opinion. I’m not saying football is fixed but I think referees are based the towards certain teams and certain situations. Maybe the ref thought the Millwall crowd are going to getting nasty if the goal is given.

    I watched it over and over again frame-by-frame it’s a definite fail on Harley Dean is sandwiched between two players with a third player coming up behind him there’s nothing he can do to get out of the way to jump off the ground you after use your Arms to give you elevation and maintain balance. So his arm my brush against another player but it is not a fowl .

    A complete and utter disgusting decision.
    I also for Millwall was very bang average I thought we could have done a lot better but there was no need to be big enough Millwall on TV because they are just bang average.


  • Roy Smith says:

    WE have seen this type of thing all year, we have even discussed the standard of referees we have suffered with the FL, yet nothing changes. I am starting to believe that it is a way for the FL to deduct points without seeming to do so.

  • Mybluenose says:

    Refs make decisions in favor of big clubs, big players/managers. It is same in premier league. A player can stomp on another and decision no foul – he had no place to put his leg in! Imagine if the player being stomped on was from Man U. THe guilty one would have been red carded straight away. And it will not change. Ref will always take the easiest route, I.e., which will not result in high level controversy with the bigger club/ players/managers.

  • Charles says:

    VAR would have ruled this in a heartbeat. Absolutely no foul and goal should have stood. Cannot see this happen should it have been Millwall scoring.

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