Date: 19th May 2017 at 3:56pm
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Before the criticism that will inevitably follow Panos Pavlakis after his resignation today, it`s worth noting that he has stood down from a football club that is undoubtedly in much better health than when he first joined.

Unarguably, Pavlakis saved Birmingham City from the brink of extinction. He pushed the boardroom politics to one side and cut through the hierarchy to pull out the weeds. As a club without the proverbial pot to pee in, Panos pulled it from rocky waters, safely to the shore.

He played a pivotal part in the takeover process, freeing the club from the disastrous Carson Yeung reign towards a bright future. He gave us hope.

That is his legacy and that`s what he should be remembered by.

Most supporters can only focus on the footballing side of things. Admittedly, sacking Gary Rowett to hire Gianfranco Zola was a massive error in judgement. The wrong decision made for the right reasons, you could say.

After Zola`s horrendous spell as manager, Pavlakis was left with egg on his face. But let`s cut him some slack. His relationship with Rowett had soured and in Zola he saw an authentic, appealing football man.

He got it wrong.

Yet prior to that decision, his time as a Director of Birmingham City Football Club was highly successful. After years of rotting under the ownership of a crook, Panos came in and acted as the middle man stuck between the fractious relationship between the fans and the board.

Almost single-handedly, he was the glue that stuck a troubled club together. Simply put, Birmingham City fans would not have a club to support but for Pavlakis` intervention.

So for that, I say thank you and best wishes, Panos.

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8 Replies to “Panos Pavlakis saved the club – never forget that”

  • Heads had to roll sadly after the Zola disaster. Panos did well and can go down as a legend in view of facing bully boy Pannu. Never forget that. New beginning now with TTA bringing in a new CEO etc. good times ahead.

  • So it must have been someone else who steadied the ship by running the club on a sound and professional basis, constantly negotiated with HK and the useless previous owners to get the funds to keep us afloat, worked with all parties in the long drawn out takeover, appointed Garry Rowett and brought Harry to the club in the nick of time, and the only thing he did single handedly without consulting the owners was sack Rowett and appoint Zola.
    I dont believe it has anything to do with appointing Zola, its more likely the new owners who sanctioned the sacking of Rowett and the appointment of Zola wanting to bring in someone a bit more high profile rather than sound, solid and loyal, as this seems to be their style. Lets hope it isn’t another bad decision because up to now they have done nothing more than spend money and make bad decisions.

  • It?s all about the power trip.

    Blatantly obvious he went from a director that steadied the ship to someone who wanted to run the club on and off the field.

    Suddenly the relationship breaks down with Rowett, it looks more likely that Panos influenced the new inexperienced board into allowing a different path of manager becoming head coach. Is it any wonder Rowett started stepping back and casting an eye around. BCFC was a job for this businessman, nothing more. Trust me his pound of flesh from this is huge.

  • Panos was very excited about the Zola appointment,after the silly delaying of Rowett to sign a new contract.Remember that last October TTA presented GR a new contract and even up to the Ipswich home game-nothing was signed. Panos simply felt frustrated and aware what signals were being sent back to TTA. Panos was our saviour in dark days and just made one error by getting Zola. Last game at Bristol was too risky and imo,TTA had to make a change.

  • Panos didn’t single handedly sack Rowett and appoint Zola. It was simply his job to do so. Panos doesn’ own the club, he was the general manager and taking orders from above. It worries me about this investment in football clubs from people who don’t know anything about football and expect to run a club in the same way as they run a corporation where the ethos is hiring and firing until you get the right result. Take a look around at the clubs who have invested heavily over the last 10 years and see where they are and how many managers they have gone through, so I don’t expect miracles with TTA.

  • gazal I make it 3 manger mistakes he made 1 selling Gray on the cheap 2 sacking Rowett 3 implying Zola. And there is probably more we don’t know about.

  • Sadly for Panos he will be remembered for taking us from the edge of the playoffs to the brink of relegation. Even worse was the indecision to sack the hopeless Zola when everyone could see it wasn’t working. He did good work early on in his tenure and we are grateful for that but I think? you are overstating his importance when you say we wouldn’t have a club to support if it wasn’t for Panos. Unlike some I bear him no Ill will. Wish him all the best.

  • Ijaz your right Rob is overstating his importance when he say we wouldn’t have a club to support if it wasn’t for Panos. It a myth that was the club was about to go under created to give the old board the go ahead to sell players on the cheap blatant asset striping. They already had buyers when all this was happening.

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