Date: 20th September 2015 at 10:23am
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Kieftenbeld is one of those players who is like a cog in a robot. Take the cog out of the robot, then things start to fall apart and become dysfunctional. Take Kieftenbeld out of the starting eleven, then cracks will begin to appear.

The best way I can think to describe his style of play is like a ninja. He goes about his business in a rather calm way and very little attention is actually drawn to the fact that he is even playing. This is a good thing.

He blocks channels into the striker. This means that he positions himself expertly in order to squeeze the pitch and make it hard for the opposition to feed their striker. If their striker is getting no service, then either a long ball will be produced, or they will just pass it sideways.

The role of a defensive midfielder, if done correctly, actually makes you look like a player who just runs about. But it’s tactical. My problem with Davis, is that he often is rash in challenges and almost embraces the Coquelin style of play.

This is where risky challenges occur and often it is due to the fact that the midfielder has not got into the correct initial position in order to cut off a potential passage.

Keiftenbeld has the brains of a footballer which can be very rare in a more physical and pacey game. He has the ability to break up play without even touching the ball, and this is a huge asset especially for Morrison and Spector.

Now, all I have said so far is that he is good at running about and standing on the correct blades of grass. But he is much more than that. Upon intercepting, he has the vision and ability to pick passes whether it be into Donaldson or even just a side foot to his midfield partner.

Kieftenbeld has it all and I believe that in order for us to continue to maintain a high league position, he needs to be fit and starting.

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