Date: 3rd October 2017 at 12:35am
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On Monday morning, Birmingham City Football Club unveiled their new manager, Steve Cotterill, to the press, both local and national.

Sitting alongside the 53-year-old manager was Xaundong Ren, a man that many Blues fans don’t know much about but one they will be expecting to hear from more as the season goes on.

Although he made a bit of a clown out of himself by saying that Blues will finish above local rivals Aston Villa this season, it was encouraging to see him at the press conference, something he hasn’t previously done.

When Gianfranco Zola and Harry Redknapp were unveiled to the media, Mr.Ren wasn’t to be see, and neither were any of the other members of Blues’ owners, Trillion Trophy Asia.

So, all in all, it is a step in the right direction because Ren now knows that in order for the club to be successful, he must oversee things on a day to day basis.

He believes that Cotterill is the right man for the job, as do I, so if there is one thing that Ren now needs to do, it is to stick by the new manager for the remainder of the season, unless things go even further south than they already are.

In the press conference, Ren was quick to distance TTA from becoming a fire on site sort of ownership so this time round they really need to grit their teeth when Blues lose three or four on the bounce because it happens in football, deal with it.

Yes, he may have pumped money into the club, but things don’t just happen over night.

It is now time to be patient, give Cotterill the time he needs to work with the players and for him to settle in as the manager.

Ultimately, Cotterill wants to add another promotion to his CV and whether he gets that this year or in the next two years, Ren needs to give him plenty of time to figure things out.


5 Replies to “Opinion: Xaundong Ren must support Steve Cotterill”

  • Spot on Tom , success is a house , it is not a home until the last brick is laid , and the plan is – 2 points per game …..2 goals per game …..6 shots on target per game.. not easy but hey , it’s all rock and roll …come on …

  • I am worried of talk of Morgan and Williams though as we need goals and accuracy and neither player is Clint Eastwood …we don’t need fringe players we need match winners …come on …

  • Again we are hearing all the right noises about what we can do etc.etc.My plea is for heavens sake give us a few goals and a few wins.We are full to bursting with promises galore-just get the players to bloody well produce.

  • I’ve been saying all along the players look unfit. From the looks of things Lee Carsley and Steve Cotterill agree and are going to take the players on a mini pre season. I think there was something not right with the training under Harry and Kevin Bond. The number of hamstring injuries and the ability to only play half a game point to this. I don’t know if Cotterill is the man to take us forward as his championship record is hardly good but he should sort us out on the fitness front.

  • Get this team out week in and regularly,we should be ok. Kusczak,Colin Roberts Morrison Grounds,Keifenbeld Gardner,Jota Adams Boga,Vassell.

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