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Opinion: With time running out, it’s good to see progress has been made regarding Blues prospect

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Slowly but surely, my plans are all coming together.

I would anoint myself as some sort of visionary, but that would be a little too arrogant, but at least I can say I was somewhat ahead of the curve on this one.

It looks as if the youth movement that Pep Clotet has been talking about is taking another step forward as it seems as though Miguel Fernandez is moving ever closer to an appearance in the first-team.

He posted a picture on his Instagram page yesterday that he had finished training with the senior team, and whilst it’s unclear whether or not he is likely to make the leap up tomorrow night against Bristol City or if he’s going to be kept back for a little while longer, it’s still nice to see that some progress has been made on that front.

With Clotet showing more and more in recent days that he’s willing to bring in the young players, with Jack Concannon and Caolan Boyd-Munce each getting some minutes against Coventry City on Tuesday night, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him come into the team sooner rather than later if truth be told.

Having been very impressive so far this season for the U23 side, it was probably only a matter of time before he was given the call up, and in my opinion it’s not a moment too soon. As I’ve stated before, because of the short timeframe that we’ve got him under contract for, with his contract running out this summer, it’s only fair that he be given his chance in the first-team before the end of the season and we can see if he is going to be any use to us going forward.

Should Miguel Fernandez be promoted into the first-team soon?





And if the first-team keep struggling for goals they have over the course of the season, then it’s really a case of ‘how bad can it be?’ in regards to Fernandez.

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