Date: 31st October 2018 at 10:26am
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One has to look back into August, and the 2-0 Madejski Stadium defeat since the wheel wobbled enough to fall off. In fact, and without blowing our own trumpet the Blues have settled in well to the 2018/19 season – we’re in fine fettle – we’re playing attractive football and gaining points.

Also, and dare I say it without putting a curse on the team, we look like a club who could be on course for a successful season.

Unbeaten in 11 Championship fixtures, one could say we’re on a roll.

There is one question I would like to ask without sounding like a complete tool, and that is, who can stop us now?

November fixtures

Saturday 3 – Derby County (A)

Saturday 10 – Hull City (H)

Sunday 25 – Aston Villa (A)

Wednesday 28 – Millwall (A)

I am not that fickle as to say we’re going to end up winning the next four fixtures. Having said that, I feel confident and have a slight warm feeling…we could be in a play-off position come December.

What do you think?

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7 Replies to “Opinion: We’re On A Roll – Who Can Stop Us Now?”

  • I’m not going to say yes as this is Blues we are talking about and we all know we do things the hard way. And if there is an even header way you can bet we will find it.

    So there is a small chance

    Out of the next four games I see Derby County as the big test they are in top form and have a quality team right down to the last man on the bench. IMO

    It will be a tuff test for us but they will see us in the same way.
    And they will make mistakes we need to take advantage of them.

    Now for Villa if they have not fond their form buy the time of the darby game and keep making big mistakes like they are at the minute then it’s a game we could definitely win.

    If I was a Villa fan I would be worried about the fullbacks pushing up as. Che and the Jouke will have a feared day.

    But I have a feeling Dean Smith will pack the midfield and play one up top with a flat back 4. That would stifle the game some what by shopping our wide men getting forward. Its defiantly winnable though.

    On the day any game is winnable anyone can beat anyone in the Championship. Bottom can beat Top ect’

    Come on you Blues


  • I think that warm feeling is you’ve pissed yourself in excitement. We are playing well but injuries or suspensions to our thin squad could derail us. The transfer window if we are forced to sell key players could have serious repercussions. There ls also the small matter of a possible points deductions hanging over us could yet drop us into the bottom 6. Enjoy the ride but there’s a long long way to go and no doubt there will be many obstacles on the way. What we do have is a very good management team getting our team to play with passion and pride. That will get you a long way in this league but it’s too early to get excited and start talking about promotion or playoffs.

  • Ijaz,from what I understand regarding points deduction,the EFL have to advise the club eight weeks before the next transfer window.This is for a variety of reasons which involves other Championship clubs dealing with ours etc. This being the case,it appears we will escape points deduction this season.November 1st tomorrow must pass without any action by EFL.November first tomorrow so please god let it pass quietly!

  • No club as ever been deducted points once the season is on the way. I don’t think we will see a points deduction I think we will get a fine how much that will be I have no idea.

    We can’t talk about promotion it’s far too early. The club are not striped for cash I don’t see how we would be forced to sell players.

    We are in the predicament because we spent too much money in a short space of time the club had a planed transfer budget and was actively making bids on targets.

    I don’t see our fine coming this season it will be next season we may have to stay under a transfer embargo until the fine is paid just like QPR. But our overspend is nowhere near what they had so that may not happen.

    I am just going by what as gon in the past the rules have changed since put the punishments have stayed the same.

    It would be unjust if we was to be treated differently to other clubs.


  • I don’t think the EFL will force us to sell but the board will if a good offer comes in for one of our better players. Do you think they’d refuse to sell if someone offered £10m for Jota?

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