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Opinion: Two key reasons why the club have majorly mismanaged the Kerim Mrabti situation

Image for Opinion: Two key reasons why the club have majorly mismanaged the Kerim Mrabti situation

So, remember when I said last week that the decision to let Kerim Mrabti leave was weird because I felt it was the start of a new era at the club?

Well, now that there’s been a lot of upheaval at the club in recent days following Pep Clotet announcing his departure, the decision to do so seems even stranger, for a number of reasons.

Given that there is now set to be a new man in charge of the club in a few months’ time, I believe that the club should have taken up the option that was reportedly in his contract and allowed the new manager to make the decision, rather than not even giving him the chance to make something happen.

First off, we don’t know who the new manager is going to be at this stage, but for all we know, it could be someone that will play a style that will allow the Swede to flourish a little bit more. At least if we’d have extended it, he’d have been given the opportunity to make himself prominent.

Did the club mess up the decision surrounding Mrabti?





Which brings me onto my second point. If the new manager didn’t find him to be part of his plans, then we could have sold him on and got some of our money back on him. Now we’re just letting him walk for nothing. As this fan put it on social media, I assume ironically, it was an outstanding bit of business by those in charge to allow it to get to this state.

It’s a pretty sad indictment on the way the club is being run that they could manage to screw up so catastrophically on something that should be relatively straight forward.

What about you? Do you think the club badly mismanaged this move? Or do you think they made the correct decision?

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  • Tracey tyler says:

    Don’t think we used him correctly, he is a talented footballer but was played out of position to many times.

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