Date: 3rd August 2017 at 10:55pm
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Why have the Blues found it such a hard transfer window?

Many factors are often attributed to this question, the most common being a lack of financial support.

Former manager Gary Rowett often found this to be a real hindrance during his tenure.

Harry Redknapp however spoke of only taking on the permanent role with the club if he was assured financial backing; it would be hard to see that as an answer.

Redknapp and Jeff Vetere have certainly been trying and it was clear from the pre-Ipswich Town press conference that Harry was frustrated.

The loan deals have stalled and other clubs have increased prices excessively. Lazio are holding out for some reason on Ravel Morrison, and Bristol City are proving resolute on defender Aden Flint.

The Agyemang Badu situation sums up the transfer window, what more can the board do if a player agrees to move to the club and then signs for someone else in the morning?

Blues fans have been frustrated, but so have the board, and I feel that it has not been for want of trying.

Saying that we have been unlucky feels like a copout, but there is little else to point toward a logical explanation.

Money always comes into the game, and perhaps estimations and buyouts haven`t been as generous as they should have been.

Jose Mourinho has made comments saying that the Neymar deal in itself is not bad, but the effects of it will be – where bang average players are going for excessive amounts.

The transfer market is simply inflating at such a pace, that championship prices are going up and up.

It seems a shame but Blues might have to be prepared to spend even bigger to achieve our promotion dreams.

Redknapp may have been financially tentative, slow-moving or just unlucky, but I feel it might`ve been a combination of the three.

Blues fans, what do you make of the lack of activity in the transfer window to date? How many more players need to come in? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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3 Replies to “Opinion: Time for Harry Redknapp to push the Blues board”

  • I think we need to follow up the Tottenham plan of action and bring more youth in as we cannot afford to pay extortionate transfer fees. Leicester turning down £20m for Demarai Gray. Absolutely crazy. Maybe Harry can find a gem overseas or loan some players I cannot see us competing in this inflated market.

  • It is a difficult situation with more dimensions than most people take into account. I think the point Harry is making is more about the importance of the player wanting to play for BCFC and not just sign because we offered more money. Agents are making a lot of decisions based on what they get out of the deal rather than looking after the personal and professional interests of a player. Harry has said there is plenty of money in the kitty and he feels he wont need to spend it all so this disperses the theory that the cub are not backing him. Its about him feeling right about how much a player is worth and sticking to his guns on that valuation and not paying over the odds. He may have to back down on his principles before the window closes if he is to achieve his objectives this season. Good shout on bringing in young talent for the future but Harry and us fans want success now and to be honest we need it now as the market for players is going to get harder every year with so much money being thrown around.

  • The manager is doing all he possible can,he identified and went in for several players,they simply did not want to join BCFC. I do think last seasons performance has in part put off some,the Badu situation was appalling,a man with no morals,to give his word he was coming to St Andrews and then the very next day sign for another club,his name suits him Bad !
    Frustration is running rife amongst all of us,we had such high hopes that Harry would bring in the players that would bring success. He has added three great signings however it’s the forward line up that is way under par,it’s simply not strong enough. Che Adams is class,in previous years we would have had to sell him,it’s a statement of intent that he is still here. The manager is trying,we can’t jump on his back however he has to improve that forward line,Duke and the Don will never deliver the goals for us to push for promotion,maybe it’s time to pay up this obscene money if we are to match the teams gunning for promotion,I honestly don’t know,it’s a catch 22 situation. What I do know is we have a great manager who is trying. The window has plenty of time left however the season is starting,new recruits ideally should have already been embedded into the team.Let’s just hope we can hold our own,keep pace with the pack and not lag behind whilst the search continues for strikers. Hoping we are all happy come tomorrow evening anyhow. KRO

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