Date: 5th June 2020 at 8:00am
Written by: Mark Day

Yesterday, I covered the fan reaction to the idea of Rangers goalkeeper Wes Foderingham making a move to Birmingham City at some point.

Given that we have a previous link with him, having been named in reports about a move to the Championship, it’s not out of the realms of possibility that we go in for him again this summer, seeing as our goalkeeping department is scheduled to look rather baron if Lee Camp’s contract isn’t extended, with Connal Trueman as the only ‘senior’ figure left.

But would it be worth bringing him in?

Should we chase after Foderingham?





In my mind, yes it would be.

First things first, as a free transfer it will make financial sense, especially when you consider the financial implications that the next few months will have on clubs up and down the country, even if the club is able to make some money on the transfer of Jude Bellingham, penny-pinching could be the way forward for the club.

Secondly, he’ll come with experience. Having played over 300 career games, he’s a good equidistant option between Trueman and Camp, in that he’s been around the block, but at the same time still has plenty of years ahead of him.

And third, his stats show him in a very good light as he has a save percentage of .706% which isn’t too far away from Camp’s record .725%, and well above Trueman’s effort of .556%, so again you are getting a combination of the two current Blues stoppers.

All in all, if the Blues were to go after him in the summer again, I wouldn’t be too disappointed. Are there better options out there? Of course there are, but when it comes to Birmingham and our potential situation, he could be just what we need.

What about you? Do you think we should go after Foderingham this summer?

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4 Replies to “Opinion: Three key reasons why Blues should reignite their chase for former target”

  • There is no such thing as a free transfer, what money you don’t pay as a transfer fee goes towards wages and signing on fees, he couldn’t cut it in the SPL (the equivalent of English league 2) he has no chance in the Championship. Him along with Maddison and his bad attitude (who was very poor at Hull) can both do one.

  • It’s a no brainer in my opinion. I’ve seen a few of the games that hes played in and he looked very confident comands the box and distributes the ball well . So yes please. May I add something all this interest in Bellingham where the hell do the pays get there info . He is only 16 and does not have a contract so they can not make a bid for him until he signs his first pro contract when he does he is worth at least 50 million

  • All blues fans must be wondering who the board are going to get into taking club forward.What we need is a Manager who is going to play attractive football get us into premier league and to fill st Andrews to capacity every home’s about time the board at st Andrews are truthfully with us blues fans what are future plans of our who takes on our club give manager full support with spending and a Manager who has Birmingham city in his heart

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