Date: 2nd August 2017 at 11:38pm
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Birmingham City manager Harry Redknapp has regularly voiced his concerns about the lack of signings that the club have made this transfer window and as it stands it doesn’t look like things are progressing for him at the moment.

With big money flying around in the Sky Bet Championship at the moment from teams like Middlesbrough and Wolverhampton Wanderers, it looks like it could be another very tough year for a lot of teams in the second tier of English football.

As Redknapp has highlighted, he would still like to add another five or six players to the squad, four of which we are aware of.

Bristol City duo Joe Bryan and Aden Flint. Lazio midfielder Ravel Morrison, a player that has clearly impressed during his load period and finally Preston North End striker Jordan Hugill.

With room still available in the squad, the thirst for new players is becoming more and more noticeable and without those additions, Blues could really struggle to reach the heights that Redknapp is wanting to take them to this year.

Although it is incredibly hard to predict the full Championship table at this stage of the season without a ball even being kicked, here is my prediction for how I think it will look come May.

1. Middlesbrough
2. Aston Villa
3. Wolverhampton Wanderers
4. Hull City
5. Leeds United
6. Derby County
7. Fulham
8. Norwich City
9. Reading
10. Sheffield Wednesday
11. Bristol City
12. Nottingham Forest
13. Brentford
14. Birmingham City
15. Sunderland
16. Preston North End
17. Cardiff City
18. Ipswich Town
19. Barnsley
20. Burton Albion
21. Queens Park Rangers
22. Sheffield United
23. Millwall
24. Bolton Wanderers

Blues fans, and any other Championship fans that might be reading, what are your thoughts on the table that has been predicted? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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12 Replies to “Opinion: This is where Blues will finish this season”

  • Blues are at the wrong end of the table to show morals on how much a player should cost …unless they want to be crusified by other side’s ……

  • What has happened to all passion and expectancy , the hope of a top six place , what has happened to the supposed £23 million we had to spend …

  • David Village. What’s happened is that we are skint. Something since Bristol City has gone very,very wrong. TTA imo are wanting out. Therefore no money. Nuf sed.

  • Having listened to Harry on the radio today we are wiser as to what’s happening,the sale of Assombalonga to Middlesborough at that crazy fee has inflated the asking prices for players in the Championship,it’s pure greed.He goes in for one player and the agent wants two million for himself,we are living in a crazy greedy world and football has got out of hand completely with these stupid asking prices.
    As for this article,yeah,as things stand it looks about right with the players we have however we have to take notice of the Redknapp effect,he will get the maximum from what ever team he selects,similar to Rowett so we could be surprised with a higher finish.The transfer window is still open thankfully and he will get someone in but who is the question.

  • Ohio,have you heard back yet from Brian Dick ? The impression I got from Redknapp’s talk on the radio was the money was available however all asking prices have inflated,he didn’t sound discontent with his backing and I would have thought he would have walked by now if they were reneging on promises made ?

  • Le Hane. Sadly no reply from Brian. However,there are other channels. Rest assured I will update on anything I get. In recent times the excellent Daniel Ivery of OT was a great outlet for us so will proceed there. TTA in fairness have never disguised the fact that they are not in this for the long term. Since this afternoons news that Jukey is out for ‘a few weeks’ will surely step up the urgency for a striker or two. If zilch comes out of this setback before Ipswich -then we don’t need a science degree to work out where we stand. As regards Harry’s comments re Forest and Assommbalonga- this doesn’t sit well with me and smokescreen comes to mind.

  • At one time reports suggested we would probably have Lennon on the right,Downing on the left and Hugill or similar up top. Lovely reading and ticket sales booming.Ravell Morrison now seems an awkward deal,Downing and Lennon a pipe dream. All this coupled with our ‘odds on’ to get John Terry is a cumulative effect as to why fans like myself take stock and a real long look at the bigger picture.

  • Ohio thanks,we are both thinking alike on the majority of what you say,TTA might not be around for too long however it “appears” they are still willing to back Redknapp. Having heard him speak today and read the articles it does look like money is available,sadly he is hitting a brick wall with transfers..Badu,gives his word he is signing and next day signs for Bursaspor.what happened to your word being your bond,it applies no more with these greedy gits.Yeah I am frustrated.

  • One thing that older supporters like Le Hane and myself probably share is the consolation that we have been through very dark times at Stans. Much more than this period of time of sparse transfer activity. Silver linings like no administration,no Pannu and the survival years under Kumars and relegation to the old third division.We live in hope and especially to saturdays,not quite sure if we are going to be ‘high as a kite’ or in the depths of whatever. Let’s hope we get a bit of rub at Ipswich whoever leads our attack in what is,as we know,a sellout crowd.

  • Le Hane. I tried a different channel to get info.i requested. Although not totally satisfied,I understand Brian Dick is doing a piece today on Blues finances today via his interview with HR.

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