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Opinion: The message is becoming ever clearer, the club must do all it can to keep this man

Image for Opinion: The message is becoming ever clearer, the club must do all it can to keep this man

It could be the start of one of the greatest love stories ever written.

Or it could just be a way to brighten up our lives for a couple of months before the crushing inevitability that we have to give one, or maybe both of them up in the summer. Either way, let’s make the most of it.

Having taken a week off from finding the back of the net for the Blues, Scott Hogan was back in business as he scored a last-minute equaliser against Sheffield Wednesday on the weekend. Also on the scoresheet that day was Lukas Jutkiewicz, and speaking to the club website Hogan spoke about the relationship that he and Jutkiewicz are forming together:

“I get the assist for his goal and he scores, and he gets the assist for my goal and I score. It’s good when both strikers have scored and assisted each other. He’s brilliant and he does all the dirty work. He’s happy to do it and he’ll come and tell you to get up the pitch and “I’ll do this, or I’ll do that”. He’s a fantastic professional and he’s getting his just rewards with his goals.”

There is just something about this partnership that seems to be ‘clicking’ as it were.

Should the club be making plans to buy Scott Hogan?





Yes, the numbers back it up with their levels of production since Hogan arrived, but if you just look at the way they bounce of each other, no better exemplified by the two goals that they both scored against the Owls, assisting one another in the process, they just ‘get’ each other.

And it all goes back to what I said last week, in that we could be seeing something incredibly special at St Andrew’s right now with these two, and if we want to see this sort of thing continue and develop, and use it as the backbone if you would of the team going forward, then the team has to make signing Hogan the top priority in the summer window.

Otherwise we’re going to end up going back to square one in trying to find another partner for Jutkiewicz, and we’ve seen how long it can take to find one of them that he works well with this season, and I don’t fancy going through that process again.

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  • tracey tyler says:

    Just the money aspect I guess, I cant see him going for less than 10m minimum at this moment in time and the more the he is successful at Blues then the more the Vile will add a few more digits on to his price, so its a tricky one with our financial position

  • Alwaysablue says:

    Final year of his contract won’t be £10m



  • Ijaz says:

    £5m tops in last year of contract but if Villa get relegated then they may just keep him as I can’t see the mercenary Premier league strikers wanting to stay.

  • Stephen Allen says:

    Will never play for vile again. Neither does he want to 12 months left on contract. Max £4/5 million massive wages comming off wage bill on 1st July would not be a problem paying him 20 k it’s less than stockdale wages alone

  • WayCoolBlue says:

    3 to 4 million maximum he’s in the last year of his contract they risk losing him for free. On top of paying is wages for the final year which I believe is 55k.

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